Sunday, August 28, 2011

Birthday Weekend

It's Rich's birthday tommorrow so we started celebrating friday with his brothers ( 3 of them have birthdays in the same week, good timing mom!) and that carried over to a great ride saturday. We explored a new loop and since i had a taper brick on the schedule it was fun to actually feel like i was TTing again. I havent TTed since mid July, so when i saw some 12 min efforts I got all giddy inside. The 100+ stuff is fun, but i really like to rev up Gretta and see if she can go fast and with a good high cadence as well.
Then i had a harder than usual run afterwards. Yay!
All I can say is that i think i blew a gasket! I was wiped to the max this morning when i woke up and so after some thought and a sturdy " opinion " from my coach we called it a full rest day. Nada. Nothing. I left the house to go get food for tonight, and that was about it. I havent done that in???? not sure. I Wasnt sick I wasnt tired ( hahaha, um really?) so like a small child i fought the nap. I decided that at 7 am the best thing to do was to clean the fridge and then try to sleep.
I mean clean it out and eat all that i can out of it. Silly.
I am not up for cleaning the fridge right now.
So Eggs, Bacon, fruit, some greek yogurt with that fruit, a bagel, i lost track after that. Jasmine tea, and slowly the food coma helped me to go upstairs and fall back asleep.
The party continued with more family over tonight, the pool is cooler, two days ago in full sun it was 76 now its 71. Amazing power that lightbulb in the sky has, and to my delight my youngest nephew Will has learned to go into the deep end. He motored around, and would not stop. My brother said the other night he swam at the lake, then got on his bike with no shoes and just his suit, and then got off and ran to the car.
His first multisport effort he claimed.
So tonight he tried my pull buoy and a star was born. Now dont get me wrong, he isnt a young Phelps, but that Pull Buoy kept that littel fanny from dragging down and he was just thrilled. Little does he know i packed it away with my brother so he can have it for HIS birthday in 2 days.
Lots a family time this weekend, which is how it should be! and yes lotsa cake with lotsa frosting. I heard that is the key to a good 1st IM.

That's it from Taperville.


Beth said...

Cake with frosting is a must Julia! :) Happy taper - almost there! :)

Damie said...

:) 2 weeks baby!

runningyankee said...

happy birthday rich!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Ha, I like how you say, "sturdy opinion!" Um, it was 6:30am on a Sunday, that's all I got for ya! Glad you rested and ate cake!

LizH said...

mmm...cake + frosting = happiness. oh..2 weeks already? Enjoy TAPERTOWN Julia!!!

Molly said...

Sounds like a great taper to me!!!

Kiet said...

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my "Because I Can" post. And like you, any friend of the Libster is a friend a mine. Oh, and my friends will tell you I'm very partial to the color GREEN.

Dr. TriRunner said...

Didn't they make a frosting flavored Gu one year...? Happy birthday to hubby, and happy TWO WEEKS!!

Libby said...

Love it! You sound like you are in a great place right now and that extra rest will pay dividends come race day! Been thinking of you all day! It's september today!!!! It will cool down perfectly next week!

Mary Bradbury said...

Happy Belated Rich! Now go eat more cake! Or fudge... ;)