Monday, May 20, 2013

Gear West part 2

Blogger is messing with me so lets start over:
Here are some pics, I should have waited longer. Thanks to Drew for these:)

"Hi i got up at 4 am and its nearly 8 and i want to race"

Lets see if i can embarass Tom, of course i can!

Coming around the corner about 1/2 way thru Run 2. Knowing i am being chased. 

Looking a bit serious arent we?

It took alot of energy to muster that smile:)


Molly said...

Great job on the race!!! The weather sounds awful...hope spring shows up soon!

Jennifer Harrison said...

I love these pics - FIERCE!

Kim said...

I love that smile!! :) Keep it up Julia! Nice to see you not running in a snowsuit! haha!