Saturday, January 04, 2014

January 2014, Anyone Still There?

Well its 2014:) and up here in the tundra we are just being pelted with cold temps. My swim pal steve emailed me last night " this weather is freaking me out. " I really believe if the media didnt get hold of it I wouldnt really be thinking about it much, but its the talk of the town up here. Horray. Wonder how the horse and buggy would feel out today, and wonder if my face will fall off if i go outside to run or walk or go to work. I am sure I will be told how to feel tonight on the news. Another reason i dont get a paper and rarely watch the Tv news. My brain isnt as confused!

2013 ended like it started. Pretty mellow. I had a fun night with Mike and his girls, lots of ping pong, popcorn, games and Harry Potter. I know its funny but i had NOT seen the first HP movie and i really enjoyed it, enough to want to see the rest of them ( how many, 6?) of course I havent acted on that. I have had a recent obsession with Mike's homemade popcorn ( tho Boom Chicka Pop) has been decent and sorta healthy, then my mom got some cheese popcorn that seriously was 50% of your saturated fat in one serving and while I dont read labels as often as i should i figured i would rather get my 50% in another food than popcorn cheese!

Training has been consistent. As i ran today ( outside, thank you very much nobody said negative windchills are in all directions, though it hurt and i looked nuts I am sure) I wasnt thinking how awesome I was, i was thinking how boring the TM would have been and how running in cold and wind and awful footing not only helps makes sore your stabilizing hip and lower legs but also builds that tenacity and durability you need at the end of a long course race. MENTAL durability. I think of that alot in the winter, doing work. Mike said " do you ever want to just not workout somedays?" And I said " no. " ha. I guess there are some days i know I Want it more than others, but in the big picture i know this time of year isnt for winning workouts its for being consistent, doing work, building strength and as i said for me at least, building mental durability. I have started more weekend workouts after 10 am than i ever have ( thank you weather) and i am alive to tell about it. I know that once the bigger hours start I wont have the leisure to sleep in so I am doing my best to enjoy it.

We had a great trip to see my nephew Chippy in Kalispell, MT and I would love to go back to that area in the summer. I have skiied once. I have to admit I am ok with that. While i miss it I also think that the bitter cold and my hand and feet issues ( Reynauds) makes this a non issue. We have also had alot of snow, so while i miss the skiing I am pleased that others can frostbite themselves for me. Kalispsell skiing was fun. I only fell once:) and i did remember how to skate ski. We also had some fun family time and beer from MT. I also got my mom's head cold. :) I havent had a cold in years so it was my turn i guess. It prompted me to finally get my flu shot. And no for the millionth time those of you that think the flu is a the stomach flu, its not. Its Influenza, its respiratory,  head, chest, etc..get it if you havent its not too late. ( and no you cant get the flu from the shot and no i dont want to know what your chiro says )

Here are a few fun pics from the winter. sorry nothing training. I was going to take one running today but really? Try even taking your gloves off when its sub zero, i cant even hit my garmin buttons. So no pictures. And we have all seen enough trainer photo ops. You are welcome.

Ruby had a great Xmas, she even posed for a photo and she never does that. She is usually quite coy.

 Emily was in town and we had a great time catching up.
 Roger has such good words of wisdom. Random addition to this post but i think it could be tennis, or any sport. Do what you love, win or lose:) who cares what anyone thinks.
Me playing Vanna White with a growler Mike bid on at the boat club fundraiser. We enjoyed it but it sure went flat fast. Moral is that you had better drink it all in one night. 
 More fun memories of Xmas. Cute necklace and cute mug, eh? and Sarah once again trying to mess with me by sending lots of bubbly my way:) Party anyone? kidding Sarah, I now need to have a party to drink up lots of Champagne!

 And last but not least, in a week i will be in " PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ..sunny florida." We met Jack there two years ago. He and Rich were good pals. Hopefully Jack will be back roaming the beach with us in a week.
Happy 2014, stay warm, stay upright and KCCO.


erin said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying sleeping in a bit on the weekends, too… there have been many workouts stared at 11a – and, even at the pool at 2p! I'm with ya on winter running… it makes you tougher mentally and is actually pretty invigorating and serene (when I'm not injured and when it's not -25).

Glad to hear you had a great trip to Montana! And, have a wonderful time in Florida. Let's catch up when you're back!

mtanner said...

Happy New Year! I just got back from Florida for Christmas. Enjoy the sunshine. I think you are doing IM Whistler? I'm doing Mt Tremblant. Boo I wanted to meet ya!

Maggs said...

Happy New Year! I too read mostly on my phone so I rarely comment anymore :-)

Maggs said...

Happy New Year! I too read mostly on my phone so I rarely comment anymore :-)

Betsy said...

Happy 2014! Do you ever not want to work out? I just finished a long stint of doing whatever the hell I want and a lot of the time it wasn't training. I was just thinking about a New Year New You blog and in many ways I want my new year to be an old me. I'm so happy to be back at training. Fat and lazy aint all it's cracked up to be!