Monday, May 19, 2014

Gear West Duathlon; A look back!

I dont have any photos yet from the Duathlon yesterday so i will start out with what i have been thinking lately. I miss Rich:) I miss his enthusiasm, his ability to not take life too seriously, and his always happy demeanor on the bike. " Any day riding is a good day." With this always on my mind I have found it easier to race because i know how lucky i am to be riding my bike. Or moving at all. Sometimes this makes me want to stay in bed and not get up. It makes me think that I dont HAVE TO DO THIS racing stuff. Or this Ironman stuff. I could just be happy riding my bike around and running if i feel like it. 

But then I always remember that I GET TO DO THIS. And Pressure is something i put on myself. When i used to play tennis i had a lot of pre-competition anxiety. It carried into my game bc with tennis,   you can really turn yourself inside out if your head isnt where it should be. Luckily with triathlon this doesnt happen to me. Once the gun goes off I do my part. IF i am lucky enough to pass someone, good for me. If someone is lucky enough to be trained well and fit to pass me, then good for them. It may not be anything to do with my performance, they are having a good day. These head games i used to play in tennis have really helped me accept my performances and the memory of Rich has sure helped me enjoy that i get to be out there. 

I will write more once i get some pics from sunday. 

Rich at BOUS with me, he was practicing my finish

Rich with my sister waiting for me at IM Wisconsin. They had written TRUST on the road for me. To TRUST myself. 

And now a look back at some other GW du's
With STeve in a speedo, it was cold that day. I think this was  my first one.

ME, Kort and Karen showing off our mud.


Me, Marta, Jen post race maybe 3 yrs ago?

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