Monday, August 04, 2014

Ironman Canada Continued....

Ok sorry about that. I had to go to a Lyle Lovett concert. Super guy and the sort of guy you want to have coffee with. Other than the Gestapo couple that was in front of us telling everyone to be hello. We are at the zoo outdoors, if you want a perfectly controlled environment stay at home in your throne's and put in a CD, Annoying to say the least. We werent even drinking and the people around us were getting some MAJOR stinkeye from the control couple.

So that is why I had to stop writing. Oh and to clean my pool and to take a nap.

And pay attention to Mike since he missed me when i was riding my bike for XXX hours.

Speaking of Bikes....

The ride starts uphill immediately, and its pretty shaded. I was chilled to say the least but when we would hit a sunny patch i knew i was going to be ok. We climbed out of Rainbow park and thru Whistler then we headed up to the Biathlon/bobsled area in Callaghan Valley. It was an abrupt UP. yikes, standing still anyone? I was relieved to see my power was working. 

My last two big races ( meaning not OLY or sprints) the power had gone nuts. IM Wisconsin i averaged 600 watts for my NP( #EPO?), and this year at Liberty same. So happy that i had some feedback. Jen and I had decided that with the punchiness of this race an Average power reading would be hard since there is so much up and down so i really rode by feel and at the end of the bike my power was exactly where it should have been if not a bit high. I had been training FINE a bit higher than IMWatts so this was good and expected.

This course is so pretty and actually I was nearly 2:30 in and had this " wait, i am close to half done?" 
Now this is assuming i would come in under 6 hours. ( someday) Now i know where i am on the timeline due to the feed bag:) While i am always toying with what works my fuel plan was one i had last year but since i didnt race an IMlast year I wasnt sure how it would play out. It involves powerbars, powergels and perform. No water. The tweak i need is more water. I just dont know how athletes and pro's who use this can do it with no water.
Other than that I think its a go. Shot blocks and gels on the run, but i will get to that. 

Main issue i have had with the powerbars is that my jaw cramps. Seriously. This has happened to a few people i know, and it hurts. The chewing of the bars has had my jaw sore more than once. Sorta funny actually. But since Camp in March i have been using this plan so that was what I would use. May jump on the OSMO wagon next year but honestly I do NOT like the taste of that drink. So adding water may be my plan. Bc I am not a small man i know but I also think triathletes are quick on gimmicks and the latest fad. Hate me for saying that but its true, right Angela? 

The best part of the bike was i really didnt get bored and never really had a super low spot. I love climbing and if anything the scary spots were the guys who i had passed would BOMB down behind me and I never knew if they would hold a line. I admit to one LOW spot or well, negative stretch. 
In the flats of Pemberton ( which reminded me of home, cows and horses and rolling, not really FLAT) a girl was so OBVIOUSLY leap frogging on wheels I had to say something. At first i thought maybe it was just that one wheel she was on, but when that one got away she went to the next and the next. 
I finally said something and she told me to " SHUT UP." I told her to " GET A LIFE, this isnt a team sport" and that was it. I passed her back out of Pemberton on the climb back into Whistler which made me quite happy. #Cheatersneverwin

The only true low point was the " pee on the bike " thing. Not easy for me to do when i am cold too. So i stopped and not to be gross but its good i did bc I had to do more than pee. So much better. I cant beleive at IM Moo the first time i did that i held it in for 6 hours. I was able to refill my bottles and why cant they make a PERFORM bottle that stays in your cage or has a spout that is easier to open. Heck, that is annoying. For anyone who hasnt done an IM( cheryl) be ready to struggle with those tops. I dont use a sippy cup as you can see, but i would actually put bottles in special needs next time to avoid using those dumb Peformbottles. 

Speaking of that climb. I had done the math and figured i could getback to T2 under 6 hours IF i could average 19 mph. Not hard on a rolling or flat course. But comingback into town I think i averaged about 13! Holy hills and 10% grades. I just read Jackie Arendts blog about trying to save something for the end and...well...agreed. Hard to not burn matches on a course like this. I was just really happy to be headed back and while my Right quad ( VMO) got very sore i knew this has happened at Lemmon when i am not conditioned and i knew running on it would be fine. 

IF i were to do this course again, or as i told Jen,if she has any other athletes do it ( I was her first)i would do MANY MANY more hill repeats in the middle of long rides. I didnt do enough hills. and while i have to say i dont live in the mountains. i do have some steep 10% and around that grade hills i could have done more of. I did a few at the end of 100 mile rides but 1-2 was not sufficient. 8-10 would have been. Either way I thought it was lovely and i am so so so thankful that we didnt have rain. That would have been cold and a crashfest. 

Ok have to go to work so run is coming. I was so happy to get to run! 

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