Monday, February 18, 2008

Balance class

Here are some of the neat people I am lucky enough to work with in Strength and Balance class.
I wish i had gotten a photo of the soccer game. The chicks beat on the guys 5-0! I even helped the guys out (Ray and Jim are gearing up for next week) but I had to say I was so proud of the gals i didnt try TOO hard. We do seated and standing soccer, lots of sit to stand, one legged stands and one gal even does it on the foam disc. Nobody has graduated to unilateral stand with eyes closed, but I also have to remind them that the exercise is only effective just up to the point BEFORE they wipe out and I have to call 911. We stop short of that. Other than that, all is fair.

We have to be careful the ladies playing cards across the room dont like the tennis balls flying too close to them. Come spring, we are going outside toplay badmiton.

And yes, they all say they are getting stronger. When it comes to balance and falls, the biggest hurdle people face is, in my opinion, the FEAR of falling. If i can help them overcome that, their odds of falling drop dramatically. As long as the throw rugs are up, little foofy the dog isnt in the way, their meds are managed, their eyes are semi-ok, .....ok you get it. Strength, reactions, and proprioception (Where your body is in space) are only a part of what keeps these folks upright.

Actually I think it is the social life and the good donuts!

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