Sunday, February 10, 2008


It really is a shame that my hands were shaking when Branco took the screen. And i can pronounce his last name, not sure i can spell it.

Yummy. I love hot tamales. How young do I have to be to be in the club? They were giving out sweet green caps today at the game versus the Islanders. But only for kids. Bummer.
Wild won, but it wasnt pretty. OT when Gaborik did a quick little doo-dah on the ice and passed it off to...hmm...Burns maybe and he scored. Granted the Islanders scored 38 seconds into the 2nd period and then about 28 seconds into the 3rd period. Whatever Jacques told the crew during the break sure didnt inspire good D.
We got out on top tho and after 2 close losses the WILD needed the win.
Especially when it was HOCKEY DAY in MN!
And thanks to Honey who always takes me to games. He is also patient when my hands shake when Branco is on the ice. How understanding is that!! Tho i havent gotten my Radivoyivjc jersey YET. Seems they never have my size. Suspect.

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Steve Stenzel said...

What a crazy win! Must have been a BLAST!!