Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Hey when are Monty, Snowy, and S1's dog coming over to play?"

"Toys are all set."
Mom fixed the caddyshack rodent so that it squeeks again, and the rope...that thing hurts when you get whipped with it. Kong and tennis balls arent far away, plenty to share...until the time comes and Iona will try to stuff them all in her mouth at once. Hmm, sounds like some people I know after the DOG when there is Pizza.

Iona wasnt into me lasso-ing her around the neck for a close up.

Note: who can find the tennis ball?
Just taking it all in. Trouble with Iona and the camera is that she gets so dang excited that I either get a close up of her "smile" = lack of teeth and need for dentures, or she loses the pose as soon as she knows I am there. I am going to have to work on my paparazzi moves to get some more candids.


Lunatic Biker said...

She's a doll. I'll bring Snowy over some time.

Steve Stenzel said...

JULIA! I didn't know you had a blog?!?

GoBigGreen said...

Steve! I found you and Pharmie. Cool. I love your blogs. Before you know it i will be doing an IM with you...maybe!
thanks for stopping by and see you at the y!!