Sunday, January 06, 2008

What's up next for Roger?
Melbourne 2008
Aussie Open starts soon, I should know the dates but i am pretty sure it is in the next week that it starts and will run 2 weeks down under.
This bad boy will try to serve his way into the final rounds but my money is on the Pro in the next picture. Look for Djokovic to keep turning heads as well.
Sweet Nike ad on the streets of Melbourne.
Does anyone know who the other people are? It looks like Randy Moss but I dont think he is with Nike..or maybe now that he is with a winning team they picked him up.
And never count out Llyeton Hewitt. Fiery Australian always runs down every ball.
Did you know that the Aussies are leaders in SPF and Skin Cancer prevention?
Did you know they play the Aussie Open under a retractable roof that they close if the temps reach some pre-determined high so that the players dont roast? (and the fans as well?)

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