Sunday, January 20, 2008

Look who joined us on our VACAY!!!
That's right. The Fed stopped by for some showtime at the Mayan Palace in Nuevo Vallarta. I think he was tired from the trip causing the close 5th set 10-8 score versus Tripsaravic.
FYI: The US Open is the only slam that plays a breaker in the 5th. The other 3 play it out, gotta win by 2 games.

Personal time. Honey was nice to let me have some time alone with Rog. Also apologies to my sponsor Prince. (Note my shirt) We were told they had no courts so we didnt come prepared. I have to say it may be the only time in the last 41 years i have ever rented rackets.
Santoro is coined "The Magician" for all his slicer dicer shots ..he has two hands on both sides and is fun to watch, but i think he would be annoying to play. He is the oldest top 30 pro (40yo I think?) and really that is incredible that he still plays as much as he does.
Here is another Fed shot.
Phew all that tennis playing and watching made us hungry and thirsty.

Best Darn 'ritas anywhere. And they dont cost as much as a dinner entree so you dont have to choose, "Eat or drink?" You gotta watch those natives they get funny, start pouring tequila like it is water (and it may be better to drink the tequila at some places actually)

Ok this may appear to be picture perfect, pool, ocean, nobody there but the pool was barely 76 degrees in the mid-day and although it did feel like a good ice bath for weary legs my core temp dropped enough that i had to get out after 40 minutes one day. The last day i lasted 32 minutes before i had muscle twitching in my legs. This is with 2 suits and 2 caps!
My mom was a trooper and walked when i swam and at times i had to get my head/core out of the water to warm up. But i wouldnt have traded it for that indoor bike for a second.

STOP! DONT RUN, let us drive you somewhere even if it is 10 feet away.
Alittle fun and some cross training. You gotta love this sign. Right. I practice good etiquette, stopping before someone tee's off, making sure not to be get in someone's sight lines.

This trip i also learned some new words: Lets see if i can put them in context for you:

" We are sorry we only have 9 holes of golf available, the other 9 are under REMODELATION."
"Please close out your bill at any of our CONSUMMATION CENTERS."

Amazing what i learn in Mexico, other than that Don Julio is still king.

The other thing that is really fun is to listen to the announcers on ESPN go nutso over Soccer (Euro Football) when they score. I have never heard someone hold onto GOOOOOAALLLLLLL
so long.

There are more to come..


S1 said...

Okay, now I get it with the outdoor stair climb! You look like you're having so much fun!!! Bring some of that sunshine home with ya, would ya?! It's 13 below and dropping. Come back safe and in one piece.

bg said...


If you really want to learn how to climb, I'll give some rock climbing lessons this summer!