Tuesday, January 08, 2008


So i cant say i know or care as much about many of the pro women, but here are a few thoughts on who i like and who i miss:

Petrova is spicey and fun to watch. She has a really athletic game and i would far prefer to play with her than against her as she rips some big serves. Working against her is a bad-ass temper. If you get a chance to see her play doubles she is really worth the ticket. She reminds me of someone who is on my bike team. The enforcer.

Elena Dementieva: I put this one in so my biker friends can see why my shoulder and neck hurt and why i kinda had to lay off serving. Not like i was a pro but hour after hour of this is what we call REPETITIVE MOTION. At 40 years old the shoulder and neck can only hope that there are a few strands of the Rotator Cuff working to keep that humeral head in place.

On another note i once saw Elena serve 30 mph powderpuffs but still manage to win in three sets. Wow she sure can make it hard on herself if she cant serve consistently. Her serve motion is really erratic and her toss goes all over the place. She is really fun to watch so ihope she is playing more in 2008.

Maria: As much as my tennis friends dislike her i like her. I like how she plays I like her spirit, You cant hate her just bc her dad is a dork. She needs to get her woes from 2007 under control and stay healthy. But i do have to say she embodies some of what i like about tennis. She has cute clothing and she plays Prince. (O3 white, my racket too!) Ok she used to play with the Shark but then switched. Me too.
Kimmie: We miss Kim! Did you ever see her do the splits? on clay? and then win the point? Watch Kim if you want to know what it means to "get down" on the ball. Ok, get low.
My pick: Lindsay. If she is in shape she has as good a chance as anyone to win in Australia in 08. Then again she just had a baby so who knows. All I know is i started to post a pic of poor old Martina and i decided that she didnt deserve space on my website. Geesh she is dumb, as if she thought she wouldnt get caught? Sadly some of the kids (and they are kids, or they were when they started) never really have had a chance to grow up. They are coached by their parents and sheltered in a little tennis world with rewards and recognition and rules that arent really rules. So when they get older (yeah like 20!) and get injured or arent in the spotlight they have no grounding and start doing "Dumb" stuff. Makes the non glamourous world of an education and Div I tennis sound kinda good, really.

I also didnt post a pic on Crybaby Justine. Just dont like her. She has a great game and i know she has worked on alot in her life. Just dont like her. She embodies selfish unsportsmanlike behavior (ask Amelie Mauresmo about it, and Serena too) and maybe someday i will let it go, but i am not ready to embrace her, yet.
Lindsay, Mom, towering at 6'3" That is TALL!

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