Friday, January 04, 2008

Did you know that The Fed plays some doubles? With a partner that only plays doubles and makes the majority of his income playing doubles with the Fed? I have to check my sources but I am pretty sure that Fed plays doubles 1) Bc he likes it, it helps his game and it is good for the game of tennis to have the #1 player participating in as many events as his body can handle,
2)Bc his partner needs him to financially, otherwise partner wouldnt make a living playing tennis.
That is really cool. Not only is the FED really smart about his training, he gives back in so many ways to the sport of tennis. Doubles really is a different game than singles and to have him out there playing and not "protecting his royal ranking," shows what a great ambassador for the sport he is.
This one is for Lunatic.
I am pretty sure this court is at Sea Level, well maybe not quite. It is at the Rogers Cup in Montreal. But if you go back for a lob you will likely just run into a spectator or a linesperson.
No parachute needed.

Next Post I will try to find something on the Federer Fun house. That may be hard to portray for those of you that havent seen it.

I am curious if my sudden need to post about the FED is telling me i miss tennis or if i just like looking at pics of people in the sunshine. Ithink it is more the later than the former, but as they say, Tennis is a lifetime sport mentally maybe more so for me than physically.