Monday, July 07, 2008

Independence Day 2008
Family time at Encampment...I will make a few comments but otherwise just let the pictures do the talking. And no there is little chronological order to this:)

Rob, Aimee and the boys getting ready to leave...
Monty likes to bark..alot..Monty is Iona's younger cousin.
Now I know how what it feels like to have "short" legs. Note that it was COLD up there. Not COLD in the sub 32 F sense, but the wind off the lake was a bit frigid.

Honey in front of Split Rock.

The trail we rode stretched from Gooseberry to Beaver Bay. Quite a fun trail, and about 12 miles one way.
Awesome views.

Strats that one is for you. I looked for you picking up trash along the roadside but you must have been out earlier in the day.
Rich and his dream "bus"
My dad got a kick out of this sign.

Baby Iona is getting a bit frail. She was pretty tired and had a majorly antalgic = painful
gait pattern. In english that means she was limping around and not too happy.
Joe and his new webkin, and iona soaking up some porch sun.
Brother Will in the "shadow" mode...
And wow, isnt this the best sign EVER! I wish she had felt up to going down to be photographed at her sign. Maybe next time.
Hope you all had a nice July 4th. I have a super funny video of the boys so if i figure out how to upload that i will.
I had a really hard time missing the July 4th Crit, but i am so happy i went up north. I love it up there, When it isnt below 40 and so often the best times for river swims, lake plunges, and general fun is in July and August. The cabin was my grandmother and grandfather's. The cabin on the lake was from my Dad's side of the family. Obviously this spells alot of cousins and alot of summer fun. It is super cool to go up and see all the kids ( now adults) that i grew up with and to see their kids. Although i must say if my mom werent there i wouldnt know anyone's names!
Thanks for everything Mom and Dad, and Rob and A, J and W, H and C, E and R, you guys are awesome.


Gilby said...

Looks like a great escape from the heat! btw, i was surprised not to read anything from you regarding sunday's tennis match!

GoBigGreen said...

I am still not sure what to feel...I DO NOT think, as the media is saying, "it is the passing of the torch." Fed has 5 in a row, Rafa has 1. I do think it shows that Rafa has improved his grass game.
It was a super match, and you wonder w/o rain delays if the outcome would have been different. Maybe, maybe not.

Steve Stenzel said...

Cute photos! I looks like a good time and a good ride!!

EmilyBlanche said...

basically looks like you just had the perfect weekend... family, riding and dog friends! :)

(nice riding at hamel!)

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos! It looks like everyone had a super great weekend!

EZnJ said...

What a beautiful escape! I'm so envious - relaxing and fulfilling at the same time. see you next week :) julie

juliemac said...

love the pics and i love that kind of riding, exploring, adventuring, taking photos and being with family