Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rest days, what to do, what to do..and sunday races!

So how is it that there happens to be a huge sale ( 80% off) Stephanies and I also find the LOOT bin online for Lululemon. Coincidence? I think not. Rest day. There was also a Title 9 warehouse sale at the fairgrounds, but since i had already found things i didnt need i figured I had already "rested" enough. I love buying jeans. When you find a pair that fits you have to buy them, and when they are ALL $50 who can resist?

Those look weird but they are capri pants, very comfy.

Like these lulu shorts but not as much as the Speed shorts. Didnt know these dont have built in undies. Tant Pis.

So why the rest day? I am heading into a du on sunday. I have never done it but it is sponsored by Gear West and will certainly challenge me! I am excited, nervous and excited...I dont usually like sunday races but I have taken today to get organized, relax and be happy that the wind MAY die down PLEASE... forecast is for COLD COLD COLD. Frost advisory. And we start at 8am. I think EVERYONE i have talked to is in wave 1 so i wonder who is in the other waves...Bueller? anyone?
I had hopes of wearing my new tri top but, um, not so much when we are looking at 30's at 8am.
Looks like LS skinsuit. Sure hope the wind dies down. I have changed my mind a few times on wheels and just hope for a safe sufferfest.
As you can tell from above this is my last race. Shall we call this "View from the shelter?" Notice i didnt get my bike in soon enough and GOGO is getting a bath while i huddle inside:)


Molly said...

Good luck tomorrow!!! Love all the new've got me back online looking at lulu again...*sigh* :)

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

HAVE A GREAT RACE!!! Enjoy - you'll do awesome! :) I'll try to send as much good weather your way as possible... GOGOGOGOGO!

Beth said...

Hope your race was great!!! I did hear about the cupcakes you provided... ;) Also hoping that you guys FINALLY get some warmer weather and sun. I mean geez...isn't it almost June?! :)