Sunday, May 31, 2009

More Pics from the North Shore and...

Busy week so I am just posting some pics instead of a thoughful post. Life. Work. Last big build before my FIRST ( EEKS) Half IM in 2 weeks has left me a bit brain dead. Oh and Rafa just lost in the French so I have to devote some time to my man the FED now that the man who has beaten him 4x in the last 4 years is step up!! GO! Ok back to this post...

This is how we travel. Best rack out there, Thule. Get one.

Best parents in the world. 80 something and still going strong.

Best Burritos in MN. If you are ever doing Grandma's or have the guts to do the Burrito Union 10 hour Tri ( yes you can do it as a team...mix and match sports or whatever you want) you will have to try their stuff. SO GOOD. The Fat Capitalist is one of the better ones and they name the others after Lenin, Stalin, etc...super cheap too! Oh and beer too!
Rich posing...he looks pale and hungry. We just finished a ride. Get him some food.

Ok back to life. He has his color back now. And Cherry coke so he can drive us home to the cities from Duluth.

This is just a funny name for a pub. Or maybe I just thought it was.

Fun times with sister Elizabeth..

My super nephews, and Joe's pet Frog that i think he suffocated by mistake. Isnt it funny how little boys just want to hold onto rodents, snakes, frogs, whatever it is? I mean seriously. Joe wouldnt put it down. Then he couldnt figure out why it stopped moving. Um...sorry.

My sister Heide. Living the life in Houston..send some heat ok? She will be home with Chippy for my mom's 80th and for the big party ( wedding!) in November.

The River in front of our cabin that runs into Lake Superior. I think reverse osmosis was pulling that water up from the lake bc it was about 1 degree warmer than the lake. Brr.

Ruby had her first trip up North. She didnt like the car ride in a cage but she sure had fun running around and playing. I need to get some more pics of her. Her HOT red coat is quite gorgeous in the spring sun.
And in 2 weeks this is what I will be doing. I get a pit in my stomach thinking about it, but really..if i can have a sunny day like this that would be great. More importantly I am so lucky to get to race and since I have done my homework and it is my first Half I get to set a PR!!!
My only fear really is that i will have a my bike and wheels will have an extended check next weekend, rest assured...But this deserves its own i ride a tubular disk I am screwed if i flat so what do i need to do to be sure i wont flat? ( other than to NOT ride thru glass pre-race!) duh!

Happy week to you all and enjoy spring!!!


Molly said...

Woohooo! Race day is coming up fast!! You'll do great.

Awesome photos!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Thanks for the GREAT photos of the North Shore - really!!! They are awesome! Funny how you remember things like moss and lichens on the rocks... also - good to know about the burritos. Yum!

YOU'LL DO GREAT!!! You are SO READY for your race - I'll be sending you TONS of good vibes and positive energy! :) :) :)

Herrad said...

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ps Ruby looks gorgeous.

TriGirl Kate O said...

Love that top you're wearing while eating burritos...I hear Duluth can get pretty cold, even in June. I keep forgetting that I have my first race this year in two weeks too. ACK!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Great pics, Julia! OH you are VERY ready to race well next weekend. VERY Ready!!! :)))

Damie said...

the half IM will be a cinch for you- promise :)

Soul Rider said...

As I recall, you're a riding/racing machine. You'll do beautifully in that race, no worries. ;)

Hope I get to meet Ruby someday, she's gorgeous.

Charisa said...

Loved the pics. Your parents are so cute!!! You are ready and will do awesome in your race. Just think of it as a training day - it is just like everything you have been doing for so long, just with a bunch of other fun people! :)

Maggs said...

You are gonna kick butt in the race!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

I love it! Yes, you will most definitely set a PR!! I love the pictures of your family, your parents are a hoot, they seem to put middle age 50 year olds to shame. Look at their smiles!! I think I need to check out the burrito TRI - will check in with you via email for links to races in the great white north.... over and out till next communication!