Sunday, June 07, 2009

Minnesota in June

Ok before i get to MN in June...Roger won:) Ties Pistol Pete for the most Grand Slams and will possibly surpass Pete if he can win on Grass at Wimbledon. He and his wife Mirka are also expecting a little Roger  or Rogerette. Ok we now resume our regular programming:

I started this post with all sorts of pictures of 45 degree dashboards, and rain ( kept one) and even thought I could mess with you and put in some snow pics. But then I decided that there are some great things about it being 45 in the early morning, no sun, rain and highs of maybe 60 today? I dont think we got there. So here we go...Why cold-er weather is OK! Yes, say it 10 times outloud. Right it down and post it where you can see it, on the mirror, fridge ( i go there more than the mirror) and just know it cant get colder. I hope.

It has gotten much greener with the rain. And the lawns and farmers need it. Our sweet corn from FLA and CA tastes great, but MN corn is the best so we need to get those crops Knee high in July. Right now i think the crops are too Pune (y) in June ( y). Bad, ok.

Look at the neat fall gear we can wear. My sister is sporting her Tinley jacket, circa 1984? From the Tinley store in Del Mar, Ca. Likely a Lulu store now. And I have on tights and a fleece jacket.

My parents were kind enough to pose as well. Note the double sweater on my dad. And my mom has her HEAVY wool sweater on. I learned to layer living in this house. Heat rarely went up and we wore down vests around the house. If you come visit we will have one for you. It is an old house, cold in the winter, cold in the summer. Who needs AC? Not us, and not likely anyone this past weekend.

Ruby has a show coat. She gets VERY hot. When it is cooler out she doesnt get as hot and is more able to pose and pay attention when my mom is feeding her popcorn.

Other good things about the cold june thus far:
- I am not dehydrated after a run. Today i went running to warm up after i swam in the lake.
- I love hot tea so i get to drink more of that in the AM and I also eat my oatmeal hot still. I eat it cold in the summer.
-Many of you know I have had melanoma. This way I still use sunscreen but i have less desire to have bare arms and legs. Less likely to get skin cancer!
-Sleeping with the windows open is great! I dont have AC either so it can get stuffy in here.
-Rich's Pool isnt ready yet. Long story. But despite wanting to take my ice bath in the pool there is no need to take a dip to cool off.

I surely hope it warms up bc next weekend when i come running out of the lake and have this on underneath my wetsuit ( or something like it) I sure dont want to have to put on many layers in order to warm myself for the long ride ahead. That does concern me. But if I do have to put on a jersey I do. So be it. I dont overheat too often when it is highs of 70. So better to be a tad toasty, than a chilled.

Happy week ahead folks, send us some warmer temps and even some humdity please. And if I EVER on this blog complain that i am too hot, please feel free to out me.


Molly said...

Sending many many perfect-weather vibes to you for next weekend (and to me too LOL as thunderstorms appear to be our concern)!!!! Have a great race!!!!!

Mary B said...

I love your perspective! And hey, we are finally done with the snow and can train outside so it's all good!

Good luck next weekend! Eye of the Tiger! :)

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

I can totally relate... :) My parents DO NOT and HAVE NEVER had AC, and I don't think they will. Hang in there - the sun will come out and eventually it will be beautiful. And yes - I agree that MN corn is THE BEST. (small sigh). Okay: I will trade you some sun and warm temps now for some great ears of corn later... deal?

Actually - scratch that. I'll send the sun and you can send me a tub of Sweet Martha's cookies from the MN state fair! deal? ;)

Cy said...

As soon as I heard the big tennis news yesterday, I thought of you and how happy you must be. Very cool!!

I can't believe this crap weather, but it WILL get better.

I plan to come out and cheer for you on Saturday! I'm excited for you, and your race suit is awesome.

Jenny and I were talking about you yesterday (at Pigman)-Both agreed that YOU ROCK :-)

EmilyBlanche said...

Glad to hear SOMEONE's enjoying this weather!

I personally have my space heater on. ;)

Beth said...

Well see, cold weather isn't so bad! ;) Hope you guys warm up soon - GEEZ - what the heck?! Did you race this past weekend? If so - can't wait to hear about it! Hope the weather wasn't freezing!