Thursday, June 25, 2009


I dont usually post mid-week but this needed some air time. I just got back from the Derm and am officially 2+ years CANCER freeeeeeee!! woo-hoo! I wont turn this into a PSA or post pics of nasty skin lesions ( you are welcome) but it just is so WEIRD to me to think that just 2+ years ago I was outside from about 9am-2pm or even 11-4pm sans visor, in my fun cool Prince sponsored tennis clothing...loving every second of it. Sun was good! I used to take the side with the sun in my eyes so my tennis pupils didnt have to squint. I sometimes made them serve into the sun to practice, bc you gotta do that in a match so you had better practice your toss.
And SPF, sure. I wore it. But i didnt think too much about re-applying or anything...

And today, my Derm, who is the sweetest most porcelain skinned goddess I have seen..reminded me this isnt about "never getting color again," but about "delaying the overall sun exposure." That makes me feel pretty good. Since I cant imagine hiding in a wetsuit all summer long, or not going to Mexico in January or riding with arm warmers /skin coolers all summer long.

So despite still having this habit of buying SPF spray on EVERYTIME I go to Target..Serious problem I think. I like to try them all. Kinda like having a different color of socks..My go-to is Neutrogena SPF 45+ or 60+ with Helioplex. IT just has that "brand authority," must be better.
But now Target has their own brand so i get that sometimes as well. I like Bert's Bee's, and that face stuff stays on thru ANYTHING. It is like a caked on layer. Good in some ways.

Ok so before I turn this into a blog on sunscreens and what is the best, my freeflow update has a few more bullet points on it:

* I miss my J.R.A Junk miles. I miss em in the hot weather. Sometimes I wish i didnt have any goals other than to rack up miles. I seriously think i could go back to JRA and just bike racing again. But not yet.

*I am sick of chicken. Already. The grillling season has barely begun. And tho i like Brats sometimes, I think i like the pickles ketcup and mustard the best. Salmon on the grill is my favorite still but when you are at a BBQ or you are entertaining it isnt that easy since I hate to just buy some salmon and freeze it. Black Bean burgers are ok but I dont really need a grill for those.

* Open Water. I love it. But lately it has been a stressor ( sorry Jen) bc If i cant find peeps to swim with I am stuck in what i call the "holding pen" swimming laps for an hour. Still good, and the lake i swim at has a LONG holding pen so back and forth is about 300 yards. Not bad. But the open water and the buoys call....instead i can go back and forth 500 x in our pool.
Love it:) but not for laps.

* Bootlegs, yes that is MINT. We have a crop so big I could host a party for 100 people and you all would get a bootleg.

I need to do a bootleg post. The bad thing is that if i make bootlegs I must have them. and That makes me want a G and T and that makes me want a Skippy..and...extra blog points if you know what a Skippy is. And this brings me full circle to the first topic i covered. Tennis.
Clay courts..late afternoon doubles...some bootlegs and skippys...ahh..summer.


Molly said...

Congratulations on taking the steps to keep your skin healthy! As another uber-white person, I know how important that sunblock is!!!

Beth said...

Three cheers for being cancer-free!!! YAY!! I hadn't realized that you had skin cancer. As I get older I get more and more scared of that since we are out in the sun so much! I need to get to Target like you and stock up on the sunblock! :)

runningyankee said...

hip hip hooray to you and your third year anny!!

on the mint - you make a G n T and i'm THERE. add some extra lime and you are speaking my language.. though a mojito with all that mint would be spectacular!! next time you grill salmon holler, i'll come runnin!

GoBigGreen said...

Melanoma. Caught it early.

Jennifer Harrison said...

YES so glad you are cancer free! PHEEEEWW!
And, I am sorry the swimming has been so stressful for you - the bathtub is fine! :)

Rebecca DeWire said...

Melanoma is scary, congrats on your cancer free anniversary! Neutrogena is my favorite sunscreen, too. I had basal cell skin cancer on my forehead when I was 25 so I am really careful about the sun.

Anonymous said...

Hey Julia,
Who rambles more, me or you?
I am happy for your health, and for your enthusiasm. No xtra blog points for me. Just friendship points!
Take care, SSBT

Steve Stenzel said...

YAY!!! Congrats on the good news! Keep it up, PLEASE!!!


Herrad said...

Hi Julia,

Great news you are cancer free brilliant.



ps so what is a skippy.

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Somehow your random ramblings made sense to me, well kind of?? You are entertaining as always, can't wait to meet up sometime at a tri camp or race!

Ellen said...

Good news on the cancer front! My middle daughter just got the "must wear sunscreen" talk from her doctor and now we know what to buy. Sorry about not seeing you in the water. Youngest child has swim lessons at 5 p.m. in Lakeville each day so I'm screwed on the Highland pool times this week.

What was I thinking?

I'm enjoying your motivational self talk - perhaps I'll tape it and play it in my ear while I'm sleeping!

Mama Simmons said...

Congrats on your 2 years! Melanoma is scary.

And YUM with that mint. Bring on the mojitos! :)

Darcy Franklin said...

We're you at Minneman yesterday? I didn't put it together until last night. I will make sure to introduce myself next time!

Congrats on 2 years cancer free. I am a bit of a sunscreen freak as I am scared to death of skin cancer. What a relief for you!

EmilyBlanche said...

Congrats on being cancer free!!

and 500 laps in a pool makes my head spin. literally and figuratively. You have incredible focus for even being able to consider that an option!