Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Things First

I know i am overdue on posting and I am overdue on posting about the cruise to Alaska. As you know returning on a sunday night from a vacation is often a must-do, to maximize travel options and time away. It also makes for a hurried and some what frenzied next week, leading one to think they need another vacation.

So before I get to Alaska there is another post i want to make and it is for my Mom's 80th birthday. Our cruise was for my future mother in law's 80th ( just 3 days after my mom's!) so if we keep things chronologically in order my mom gets first blog dibs.

I know mom you are thrilled that i am using this picture. But it is too funny!

The Fam! Heide came home for the weekend from Houston!
Note our proper MN JULY outfits, mid july = 60 and cool, right? Guess so. Um my mom has a down vest on people.

Then it was time for a pic with the 3 grandson's and 1 grand daughter. That would be Ruby.
Mom you are incredible and we love you sooo much! I am so lucky to be not only your daughter but your friend and I wish you many many more years of birthdays and backyard photos with your family!!!

But..wouldnt you know that as we were partying it up on one side of the yard, little Will had another plan. Lets see what spycam has to show us:

Will, exiting the house, property desired is to his RIGHT. At this point he seems to just be "contemplating..."
Now he appears to be picking out the exact "fruits" he will be taking hold of.

And AH-HA, caught with his hand in the.........................................
How can you blame him:) It was just hilarious bc he had already been eating them all night and was told to take a break..enough. But when they are that good, hard to stop eh?


Charisa said...

Mmmmmmm raspberries! Happy birthday to mom!!!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Your Mom is SO CUTE - yes, very appropriate MN in July attire. Well - this year at least. Not so much in years' past.

As for the raspberries....couldn't say that I wouldn't do exactly the same. In year...I think I did. The birds got the blame - but I knew the truth :)

Angela and David Kidd said...

Ha - love the MN attire! Looks like a great time with family.