Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ruby say's: It's time to get WET! ..and Bootleg recipe..a virtual smorgasbord post.

Ruby has declared it is indeed time for some fun in the water. She isnt a big swimmer yet; Since she is a rescue dog and is already 3 yo it is obvious she had never been in the water before. She LOVES the sprinkler and thinks the hose is the best thing since..her ball. Swimming is awkward for her. ( Ahem I mean I think i can relate) but she seems to be more interested in going in the lake than she was a month ago.

As for my water pursuits, I did my first OW swim this summer sans wetsuit = sans floaty that made me want to hurry it up at the buoys instead of bob up and down and chat.

Here are some smiley folks after the swim. The water was so warm, and the air, was so NOT warm. Steve and I then headed out for a long run after the swim. Square Lake has a great route around the lake and since we needed to do a 90 min run we just added on to the route used for the Square Lake Tri. Hills and wildlife were abundent. And we finally got our legs back and warmed up. Sadly my 1st non wet suit swim meant my tri suit cut into my tummy and my neck, so no wearing that again. ouch. Sunscreen felt oh so good before the run. not.

Life is clipping along. Jen has loaded me up last week since the race and thru sunday am before i board a plane to Vancouver for our Alaskan Cruise. I asked for it, but I am tired but know that the cruise awaits. Marit was nice enough to give me some good "must see's" and some hikes while in port to keep my legs active. Thanks Marit!

And on another fluid based tangent, here is the recipe for Bootlegs...

Mint: 100 spearmint leaves

Limeade and Lemonade: 1 can each

Seltzer/Club Soda/Mineral water/ vodka or gin or bourbon or whatever you like..

1) wash and chop up mint in blender till it is small-ish. Up to you how small, it sure doesnt have to be dust size, i kinda like a pesto type look, and if you have women that are squeemish about getting stuff in their teeth tell 'em to chill.

2) Add the lemon and lime ade to the above chopped mint.

3) Now take 2 parts Boot ade mix and add 1 part chosen liquid ( if you choose it) vodka goes nicely but i know people who have had these with rum or gin as well and serve in a tall-er glass with ice.

4) Top off with seltzer or mineral water.

Now know you can surely do these without any alcohol.
You can also store the leftover Boot ade mix in a gatorade container or something like that in the freezer and other than the mint getting less vibrant, they still taste fine. Basically it is sugar- ade and you are watering it down with seltzer and booze should you choose.

Enjoy and tho they are sorta like a mojito(I dont really like mojitos, so go figure) it is more like lemon lime margarita without that tequila taste. ( or the after effects, IMO)

PS: how do you spell smorgasboard anyways?? :)


Molly said...

Awww Ruby! It's so funny how they are with water - maybe as the weather gets hotter she will appreciate the lake more!

TriGirl Kate O said... a mojito but different. I'll have to give them a try.

Rural Girl said...

The drink recipe sounds good. Something else to add to my list of things to try. Enjoy your cruise!

BriGaal said...

Ruby is so cute! Have a great time on your cruise!

Rebecca DeWire said...

Hooray for rescue dogs! I have 3 :)

Angela and David Kidd said...

I could use one of those drinks NOW - with vodka please.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

That's the same way that I spell smorgasbord - so there you go! Ruby is...adorable! ENJOY the cruise - and the day trips! Hooray! And yeah for OW swimming...just awesome! :)

Heidi Austin said...

sounds delicious! definitely will have to give it a try sometime :)