Saturday, August 08, 2009


As I was riding today, ditching puddles and hearing thunder in the background, I was thinking about focus. My focus this summer has been to break up the bike bike bike that i have done for the last few years, and add in the swim and the run.

Thursday night I went to watch the PineTree Apple Tennis Classic, a fundraiser for Children's Cancer research, and the largest most talented mixed doubles field in the US. My partner of many many years ( about 10) was there watching as well. Funny. I kinda wanted to fly under the radar, but everyone was saying "when do you play? Are you playing?" I felt kinda sheepish when i said "Um no havent touched a racket in about..a year?" But so fun to know that this is still out there and that others have taken over in my place to carry on the great fundraiser for the kids.

So doing something different has been FUN. Not only have i felt healthier orthopedically and psychologically ( bc I am not racing every week in a TT and every weekend in a RR or Crit) but I really enjoy the racing community and the people I am meeting. Jen has kept me in line as I sometimes cant say no and try to squeeze in a team Time Trial or some other event the week before my A race. LOL. When you bike race you can pretty much do it all summer long...each week and each weekend.

But today's bike ride in the early AM on wet roads felt different. I am heading to the Pigman in IA and I really do feel ready and prepared to "GET AFTER IT." :) It may be hotter than we are used to since I have been training in and rain? today. Last weekend 50 and rain...Yea I am so ready for rain. But I also feel ready to accept and experience whatever the day brings me. With a new course and sleeping in a hotel comes the nerves and things i cant control.
"what if i cant get my normal pre-race meal?"
"what if i dont know the course on the bike?"
"what is this TT start format, maybe i should just start elite so i am in a group?"
"what if the Swim is cancelled bc we have bad weather? that would stink. I want to swim."
"Is it wetsuit legal?" ( I kinda hope not, I am so ready for it to NOT BE WETSUIT LEGAL!!!)

And really those things in my head are all just going to be fine. Once the gun goes off I know what i need to do, and I will do it to the best of my ability on that day. But what I am really starting to FOCUS on, despite the ease and the comfort of my 100 times, and my Watts and my Pace per mile my wedding. I cant deny that I am starting to get really excited and a bit stressed as well about the upcoming nuptuals. But the focus I need for the Pigman will show up when it is needed. It has been here since Tucson Tri camp. The focus i need for the wedding and the marriage is something that wont ever be cancelled due to lightening, and one that an extra gel wont determine the outcome. ( Tho i do think that I am usually more even minded when I am not hungry, if that counts!)

So as I head to the Pigman, and a few other races this fall ( IronGirl Du ---dead legs last year. I need to redeem myself and TCM 10miler...) I have my eye on the prize.

My honey. And having a really special and fun wedding day that also is my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. Can you say " FAMILY PARTY?"


Beth said...

Woo-hoo!! Good luck at Pigman Julia!! I'm excited for you. The distance won't be foreign this time around. Enjoy!! Oh and wedding planning...FUN!!! Always something to look forward too...

TriGirl Kate O said...

We'll celebrate your ROCKIN' finish--with cupcakes of course.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Good luck at Pigman! I always think the hardest part of any race is the stress of just waiting for it to start.

And enjoy getting ready for your wedding. That time was such a blur but so much fun.

Damie said... you are getting married? awesome!!!!!! happy, happy days ahead. you have a lot to look forward to. I hear ya on cutting back on the number 1 sport to bring in the rest. it will be worth it.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Oh, Pigman! YES here we come! :) I like the title, "FOCUS" are good w/ focus but it is hard as we get closer to your wedding day, I know! But, you are handling it all well - and have a great time with KO this week & race hard @ Pigman! YAY!!!

Charisa said...

Good luck at Pigman!!!