Monday, August 24, 2009

A time out in the action

Well not really but i hate to be the blogger that only updates when I race. I love to blog but I just get so dang busy with LIFE and since i am on the computer alot sometimes it feels like work to blog. I know some of you agree!

I recovered pretty quick from the Wizard of Oz Tri last weekend.
I was amazed how fast my energy came back but i didnt have much appetite for about 4 days. I suspect that eating cupcakes and drinking wine didnt help, but i finally feel like my legs and my brain are in sync again. Just in time for my big build to:

Finding musicians, meeting with the florist, reserving rooms, getting a Pashmina ( I dont actually totally know what that is but my sister in law said to get one since i am getting married in November and it wont be sleeveless weather post ceremony) and....yes I am in full on mode for a November 7th event. Haha. I am doing my best to make this fun, but like all good workout sometimes i get the "head down, do the work, get it done" mode on and i have to stop and breathe and remember this is fun. And it is. It is all so wonderful and I have such wonderful family and friends that are throwing parties and celebrating with me. ( After i am done with my JH prescribed workouts, of course) Today i think is the first day EVER that i missed a workout and I am outing myself on the blog LOL ( core. I can do that in a hearbeat, not a big deal) but i just got so busy with work and then some wedding stuff and of course now my blog:) Dont worry my core will get attention tommorrow. I promise.

So what IS next? I am doing a duathlon at the end of september and I am really excited about this one. Last year at IronGirl I just had NO legs on the bike and so I really just want to feel good on the bike. The run(s) are super short so that is just gonna be a hammerfest. My sister is doing it as well and i love racing with her as she kicks butt, all basted on her rowing training and her bike commute fitness!

Then i was lucky enough to get a lottery place in the TCM 10 miler. All the fun and I get to cut off 16.2 miles. Sweet. I hardly would call this a goal race as i didnt think i would get in. but i may as well show up and run hard, dont ya think? From Oct 4th on tho it is full on wedding training. More on that later of course.

I thought i would be ready to be done after Pigman. I mean never in my wildest dreams did i think i would do 2 HIM's this summer and live to tell about it, meaning it just was not possible last january. I remember emailing Jen trying to weasle my way out of one of them " I am not going to be able to do this, maybe we should skip the june HIM just aim for the AUGUST one."
You know what Jen said " DONT BE RIDICULOUS it is 6 mos away." Yes she was right.
But i am mourning the end of my swimming leg. I really got to love the LCM and the open water and even if i dont have Marit-esque fears It is a big deal to swim across a lake and be out there in the early morning when it looks like nobody could see you if you got in trouble. I worry. And I think that this summer it has been harder since our air temps have been SO COLD. The Lake's have not warmed up. And you can guess my insulation isnt great so i do get cold. Then i start to get worried and everytime i swim OW and make it further than i think i can is a great day for me. And I CANNOT WAIT for MN to have a real summer next year and i can linger for hours in the water! and thanks to my swimming pals Kelly and Steve who talk me thru some swims when i start to get cold. "Ok Julia, keep going." If you ever swim with me and i swim by the buoys I am not being anti-social, just keeping moving!

Ok signing off now. I have to get back to wedding duties.
Congrats to all the racers last weekend. You inspire enough to make me think i want to go to Natz in 2010! I even have a roommate lined up! Right Kari??


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Hhhhmmmmm...nationals in 2010....Now there's a though... ;) Seriously - when is the race?

Um - hello? Marit-esque fears?? No - there ARE lake sharks. Along with pool sharks. And when we get right down to it, bathtub and shower sharks as well. When I finally get up to MN in the summer, we are SOOOO swimming together - I will take a tour of the lake with you. Can't wait!!

runningyankee said...

YES YES YES! will be fantastic!

hope the planning goes well. if you tackle it like you do your training then i foresee no problems at all:)

Heidi Austin said...

i like the cupcake-wine combination! Sounds like something I would do :) And I'll trade you a mason jar for a fresh cucumber lol .....

Beth said...

Yes, yes!!! I want you all to come to nationals!! I swear Alabama was really nice. And Kari and I have the pre-race meal already down. ;)

Anyway, best of luck with all that wedding planning!! I'm not really that type of gal to enjoy that kind of stuff but when I did plan our wedding (with LOTS of help from my mom) I did find a lot of it fun. I mean what other day is TOTALLY about you! ;) Enjoy!

Jennifer Harrison said...

LOOK at you - TWO 1/2 IMs this year and you didn't think you could/would do 2. I said...once you are trained for the first one, the rest are easy! :) lol. Enjoy the wedding planning. I actually enjoyed it - since I am the OCD planner. LOL

tribeaner said...

I REALLY wish I had gotten into IronGirl this year. I had done it the past two years, but it sold out so darn quick this year. I love that race. Have a great time!

And thanks so much for your comments on my blog about road racing. I will remember your tips this weekend!!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Ha! I am also considering Nats next year but have never considered it ever before. All those race reports are inspiring.

Have fun planning the wedding. I can't say I enjoyed the planning but I had so much fun at our wedding. It was such a great day with so many memories! It's worth all the work and stress.

Jennifer Cunnane said...

You pulled a huge year off.. and you are not even finished. Congrats on working yourself into top shape, keeping organized, sane? - ha! As if with wedding planning.... but it will all be worth it! P.S. Where is the honeymoon?? to post pictures or not? :-)