Sunday, November 28, 2010

Is it December Yet?

Thanksgiving felt alot like Christmas. Part of it was this: SNOW.
And This: COLD. This is my cold weather look. The look you have when you wear a down jacket OVER your running gear and pack a change of clothing so your under armour sweat soaked top can quickly be removed when you transition from that 10 min of roasty toasty heat to the " GIANT CHILL" that sets in after 10 min and 30 seconds after you stop moving.

We ran the turkey trot at the Mn Boat Club. Happy to say that my sister Elizabeth took top honors and i ran with hubby Rich who pulled out his first sub 9 min mile 5k. Way to go honey, on top of it we ran on a trail covered in fresh snow with a temp of 8 and a windchill below zero.
On terra firma i think he could have pulled out an even faster time! But he didnt want to talk the last mile so i just chatted away to entertain ( bother) him:)

I dont really know the exact number, i kinda think when anything gets below zero its all the same to me really. It's just cold.

And where can you run a 5k and win a pie? Blueberry and Key Lime.
Now we are talking....
It also felt alot like Christmas bc my sister came home from Texas, with my nephew Chippy.
Chippy Long legs, here in the orange, is getting taller by the minute. They arent usually home at Thanksgiving so it felt like Christmas to have them here. I was ready to open presents when i realized i still had month to rally on gift purchases.
We did some family tennis, and that was a ton of fun. Of course my left forearm is sore, not the arm i use to play, but the arm i use to control my backhand so i feel a bit old and creaky lately.

Speaking of old and creaky, the running news is this. I am able to start running, as I have been a good soldier and followed my return to run protocol to a T. If anything i keep telling myself I dont need a winning run time in January. But it has been tough, not only the feeling that I am old and creaky but the fear. I know that as i run a bit more, even tho its slow, I will regain the trust and JOY i have for running, but it has been rough. I feel quite thankful for the good work I am having done on my body and back, and for the fact that I was wise enough to STOP before I made things really bad. I have had REALLY bad before regarding Hamstring Tendonopathy, and so I did NOT want to go there again. This week starts week 4, meaning i am up to a 20 min jog at 1 min/mile slower than training pace. I did not say Race Pace, I said TP. So that is all fine and dandy since the cold and snow likely help take care of that all by themselves. Weeks 4-8 are a gradual increase in time and mileage, which puts me right on schedule for my Xmas present to myself. 6 miles, rolling, pain free. Pace not observed!

Sorry if you couldnt read the article in the last post. I cant tell you why i can double click on it and expand it, and you cant, sorry:(


Beth said...

YUM! Those pies look devine! :) Great to hear the running keeps moving along too!

cheryl said...

Yes, a race that gives pie as awards - that's a race to go to!

Sorry its so cold there :-(

but yay for the good rehab! you are a very good patient.

Running and living said...

Glad you are back running! Snow already, oh my! It's cold over here but nothing on the ground yet!

Anonymous said...

Did you say "below zero"?? I don't even know what that would feel like and not sure I want to know, except that snow does look beautiful. Congrats to Rich on his race and how nice to have your sister in town for Thanksgiving, what a treat :) Yay for back to running a bit, you most definitely don't need to be speedy in January.

Angela and David said...

HOly shi*t! What am I getting myself into?

Michelle Simmons said...

OK BRRRRRRRRRRRR. That snow just looks TOO cold!

Melissa said...

Wait a second...wait a were both of those pies won by your sis? I dream about key lime pie. Really, I do, it's pathetic.

*wiping drool from keyboard*

In all seriousness, it's good to hear running in happening and coming along well.

OMG I HATE that post-freezing-run-sweaty-clothes chill that sets in quickly and is so darn hard to shake. You Minnesotians are so tough!

Heidi Austin said...

i do miss snow but DOUBLE yuck! glad to hear you are being a good example and following your protocol. it sucks being the patient doesn't it? hope all is well! btw what races are you doing next year? I'm looking for another 70.3 to add to my schedule.

Teresa said...

So cold!!!! We got hit here pretty bad too. Pies look amazing though!! Yum!


Libby said...

you totally have to do run for the pies down here in jax. so much fun. hot summer night in june and everyone that finishes under 24 gets a pie. my husband got pissed at me for not taking it but I thought I was going to puke when I finished and the last thing I wanted to see was a pie!!!
keep the positive thoughts and I will email you later (bump in the road girl, bump in the road. remember the progress you HAVE made so far!)
ps- I'm longing for a day or two of snow. its 26 with the windchill here in north florida this am! yikes!

Mary said...

I love the snow, yay!

Glad you are making progress, woohoo! Hang in there!