Friday, November 19, 2010


I seemed to have forgotten that i spent all of November 2010 either at Mayo, planning a wedding, getting married and then here:

So it was hard to remember why November can be a month that seems to DRAG on, with cloudy short days, cold days, snow ( too early for me) and well...not much to keep me feeling like i want to skip down the driveway.

Since i am not training as much, I have had some time to bake. Maybe not the best combo:)

My sister works for Xcel, so each fall/winter she invites us to skate at the Xcel Energy center, take a tour and pretend that we are Koivu or Backstrom or Cuttlebuck ( oops, sp? molly? help me) but ooops i spaced that i dont have skates and so i was the peanut gallery watching screaming " man down on the blue line...WATCH OUT." and other obnoxious comments.

And of course the most exciting was that i could barely stand my pony tail any longer.
So here you go:
4 inches off and no more braids. I dont need to braid my hair till the first OW swim race in???
Hmm....I am not planning 2011 till i can say I am healthy and thru with 2010. Progress yes, but its slow ( meaning pace and progress). I had better get my run form back soon so i dont destroy my lats.
Yup, This is how I roll in November.


Kim said...

sounds like a wonderful november! wishing you and rich a wonderful healthy and happy thanksgiving!

Beth said...

Love the new haircut!!! Soon enough it will be warm again and time to race. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and Rich!!

Running and living said...

Love the new cut! A much quieter November for you, thank God!

TriGirl Kate O said...

Lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! Healthy husbands, husbands that are home, husbands with jobs...

Love the new 'do!

Black Knight said...

A great november! Happy Thanksgiving.

Libby said...

love your hair!!! (and the caneel pics :) )

Soul Rider said...

You got to skate at the Xcel Center?!? I'm very jealous! You can borrow my hockey skates next time, if you want.

I like the new cut, probably much easier to manage, too.

Lots to be thankful for this year; enjoy your Turkey Day and the long weekend!

Rural Girl said...

Nice cut. But your braids are so cute in the pics. Hope to see them back by next season!