Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April snow brings May....???

Ok I am not going to write more than one run on sentence about our weather this past week, or the past 2 weeks or the forecast for the next 4 days, just know that if you are sitting in something that is above 50 and have a peek of sun, you have it good, enjoy it.
And not sure why blogger is doing weird spacing games below but it reads like a childrens book, sorry!

This was today's theme for the run. Pelting snow/rain/sleet in my face that i actually had my eyes
closed for a good part of it. My eyes sting not from sweat, but from the cold rain. Nice.
I cant do anything about it ( but complain) and i seriously would go to Tucson again this weekend
If it werent Easter. But it has to get better. IT HAS TO! And i know i shouldnt think i am owed
a 3 mos stretch of 80+ deg days this summer since i am sure it wont happen.

On other notes i pretty much laid out my Tri season. I snoozed too long and didnt get into a race i
planned on, but that is ok. It closed fast and i was waiting for a few reasons, mainly bc i didnt
want to lose big bucks if my body was not cooperating. We also had planned a vacay trip so i
didnt want to plan things without my so's approval and we just havent talked alot about it.
It all worked out fine since i will now be racing locally for one of my 70.3 distances. It's always
good to sleep in your own bed, and it will give me a challenge to not be social and say hi to

EVERYONE i know on the course. Focus Julia. FOCUS. Coach is rolling her eyes at me.

The Body is playing along "pretty well." I have to believe that a few of the tight issues correlate
with our cruddy weather. I had NO issues running in Tucson, AT ALL. Trails and heat.

Here our trails are flooded ( and i mean FLOODED, not just damp) and its cold and my Glute
and Piriformis have been acting up when i run. Its no fun bc it zings me a few times and then
goes away. Not sure what to make of it, but i am religious on the corework and the glute release,
and trying to get that Pirformis to stop acting like my Glute Max. I have my first open road race
on April 30, a half marathon and i cant remember the last time i ran an open half. In my 20's?
I am prepared for a sufferfest and really have few time expectations other than to not go out too
fast and blow up at mile 7. More on that later, but the course is pretty flat but the last 3-4 miles
are false flat back up towards the finish so a great place to either rejoice that you paced right or
groan and understand why miles 4-7 felt so easy.

My hope is that April snow will bring May flowers, and maybe some temps above 40. The first
time trial is only a few weeks out, and heck that is pretty funny to think about. I have been out on

my TT bike only once this entire year.

Oh and its my birthday on April 30, too. So no matter how fast or slow i run that half I plan to
have a fun day, cupcakes and maybe even get up and do the Ironman Bike ride the next day.

It's 100 miles. Not sure the legs will like that after a half, but never hurts to have it on the "maybe"


Thanks for reading. Hope i didnt c/o the weather too much:)


SSB said...

nice cartoon. I can't believe it's still snowing there.

Angela and David said...

I'm so excited to move up there. And yes, that's sarcasm.

Pedergraham said...

Crappy weather here, too. The only silver lining is that my glute medius is still strained, so I have been sticking to the pool where no matter how hard I swim, it doesn't ache. I really hope you sunshine comes out soon!

elizabeth said...

Sorry about your weather!! Yay for having a race schedule :))

Michelle Simmons said...

I would be bitching about that weather too. Yuck! I'm sending some sunshine your way. We had too much of it here today- I had a hard time seeing while I was swimming this morning b/c the reflection the water was just so damn bright. ;) xoxo

cheryl said...

htfu Julia!!! teeheehee. Just kidding! You are such a badass for living through as many Minnesota winters as you have.

hope you have had a great bday month. You know yo are supposed to celebrate every day of the month from the 1st to your bday. SO, when you are lucky like you (the 30th) or e (31st), we get to celebrate a lot!!! that could be lots of dq. or cupcakes. or should I say And cupcakes.

ADC said...

Sorry about the weather. Hope that there is some sunshine for you guys very very soon.

beth said...

love the cartoon! sending sunny wishes from sd. we have an extra (albeit tiny!) bedroom you know :)

Jenn said...

Ok-I need to print that cartoon. I just walked in the door and removed my hat and mittens and winter jacket. So sick of this shit!! Not complaining of course.....I need to get a half in here at some point. Good luck with that and on your birthday!! Yes, I've always wanted a sufferfest for my birthday-ha! Hope the weather cooperates for you!

Melissa said...

Hahah.. cute. At first I was confused. It was 75 today! Nice to to go bike riding so I did.

Kim said...

I'm hoping that all this rain means some pretty flowers too! Glad you're getting your schedule set! Keep us posted!! YIppeee for Birthday's! Its almost here!

JV said...

Happy Birthday!!!! spring is coming, really it is.