Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Still Here..

So in case a few of you have worried that I have:
1) Floated away in the Mississippi with the floods,
2) Fallen in a snow bank, ( thankfully they are gone)
3) Lost my mind, or
4) Gotten stuck in a pile of blankets in front of the TV with some ( too much) leftover Easter Candy..

Well they are all partly true:)

I am updating my blog not bc i have anything fascinating to say other than " I am still here!"
This too shall pass, and despite wondering if i will EVER see the sun and if I will EVER ride my TT bike outside and If i will ever ride or run with out full on winter gear...I know I will. It gets old, and when i update FB with whines and negative talk on the weather EVEN I GET BORED with that. And really? I am pretty good at thinking i am funny. That is how i get thru alot of days. I entertain myself, likely at the expense of my lovely husband ( he laughs) and you guys:)

Today it's cold, and rainy, and i ran outside. This weekend, saturday i rode outside in brutal North Winds and did a T run. Full winter getup. And no I didnt enjoy the bulk of the ride partly bc some "douche" ( thanks Marit) was chasing us trying to run us off the road. I think there is alot of hate out there and yes, that is a post for another day. But we had to stop and call the police, and stopping when you are riding NO into a massive headwind at 40 deg and 15-20 mph winds does not mean you are too happy when you start up again. I am not a fan of people riding in the rain. When i just rode my bike, raced my bike, we would race in the rain but we never conciously went out to train IN THE RAIN. Triathletes are different ( stupid, sorry its my blog, but that is what i think) and they think that training in the rain makes them tougher as they may have to race in the rain. True. You may have to race in the rain. But then why be miserable and likely risking all sorts of things twice, when you could do it just once?

Bike racers " why would i ride my bike, on purpose in the rain?I just have to clean it, plus i know drivers are much less able to see me, and wet roads = MAGNET for a flat" Yup Love me some flat changing when its 40 and my hands cant move.

Triathletes " but i may have to race in the rain so i had better work harder and be miserable and be ready for this misery in the rain. i will suffer and be cold and then when i get home i will go run in that rain just to beat that misery and show who is boss."

Ok I am a Triathlete, so i am not trying to bash my own. But i just think sometimes we can be really dumb. IF you ride in the rain, be careful and know that if you choose not to ride in the rain you arent a loser and you will still have the mental fortitude to do it come race day. We are all TYPE AAAAA anyways, like you would quit a race bc of the rain? doubt it.

Super tangent there, sorry...

Anyways I am racing saturday. I still have a bit of something going on in my lateral hammy, its not at the insertion but its more distal and I am hoping to work thru it still. I have had some really great runs where it doesnt bother me at all, but lately with the cold and some increase in speed it has been bothersome. I think i can pull off a great half saturday, and i would love to celebrate my 45th ( yay new AG, but you know those women runners, they just get faster!) with a great half, but at the same time i am not going to do anything stupid. The season is upon us and i am on top of the cause of this ( I think) and so i need to just be patient.

You PT types can get this, but I am pretty sure its that my weaker R glute is just not used to the speed yet and my BF kicks on to take over when it fatugues. I have no pain running downhill or even climbing long hills but when i do speed my distal lateral hammy starts to give me some tweaks of pain. Cant reproduce the pain with any movement, and riding is obviously A-Ok.
A friend that works on me ( soft tissue work) said her boss had coined a term "HAM Splints" very similar to Shin Splints. Interesting. Not sure i see the literature on it yet but you heard it here, first:)

Happy Spring, and you folks getting nice weather, I dont hate you. I just wish i was there.


Angela and David said...

Ha ha ha! Your rant about triathletes is too funny.

cheryl said...

I'm no PT, but your posts make me LOL. Watch that BF, or BFF, or whatever it is, and don't go doing any weird lateral or distal gymnastic moves in the half mary on Saturday. Remember there is still DQ to be eaten for recovery, or cupcakes, on the QT , of course!

Molly said...

LOLing at Cheryl's comment!

I don't see great benefits out of constantly riding in rain, we are kinda stupid that way sometimes. That said, I have been caught in an unexpected storm once or twice for long rides and then I DID have a rainy 1/2IM right after that and it gave me a lot of confidence to know I could handle myself in those conditions.

Elizabeth said...

I will not go start a ride in rain, but if it starts raining part way through and looks patchy I will stick with.. most likely because I am too far away to have any choice. You will not find me freezing my butt off in the cold, wet weather. That is just asking to be sick!! Trainer sessions or taking the day off is more valuable. :) And you already know my take on that... but just in case anyone else is reading. hehe

Sorry your weather still sucks!! Good luck with your race this weekend :)

Jennifer Harrison said...

Well, I probably don't need to comment b/c I have been emailing you back and forth...
but I used to ride in ANYTHING. I used to get my ass out there - had too - it was just the way I was wired. Now, with the kids and the chicago drivers - I don't ever ride in horrible rains. IF I get stuck in it, then that is ok..but like ER said, I would not start in one. That is why we have 2 computrainers!


Beth said...

Good luck this weekend Julia!! :-)

Rebecca DeWire said...

I 100% agree with you that it isn't smart to ride in the rain. Safety wise, it just isn't worth it to me. I have always assumed that I must be a big wimp and not as committed as others so I appreciate your rant! And good luck at your half.

Michelle Simmons said...

It rains every F'ing day here all winter so if I didn't ride in the rain I wouldn't ride (I hate the trainer that much!). BUT at least it isn't cold rain. It's just wet. Not cold. Oh, and I will skip it is it's like Flash Flood advisory type of rain. Or winds that blow branches of trees. I'll skip that too. ;)

When I lived in AZ we would skip rides if there was a 40% chance of rain. Lol. But see, that happened like 3x/year. When I first moved here I was asking the triathletes/cyclists How do you guys ride b/c it rains all the time? And the response I got was, We get wet. Ok then. I joined the club. ;)

Running and living said...

I completely agree with you, Julia. I think triathletes on the east cost have the mentality of a 16 year old. I run in any type of weather, so it is not the cold or feeling miserable that stops me from riding in bad conditions. It is just not safe. It is barely safe to ride when the weather is good (at least in the Boston area), why on Earth would you want to push your luck?
Hope better weather comes your way!

Steve said...

I totally agree with you. I think triathletes are dumb too. :)


Good luck this weekend. :)

beth said...

i love the super tangent and i agree!
good luck in your race this weekend. can't wait to her about it!

Tawnee Prazak said...

Hey! Great post.

TO answer your Q, I have the 5200 Vitamix. It's legit!

TRIFishy said...


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LizH said...

I love when you talk PT Julia! Good luck racing this weekend!

Jenn said...

I totally laughed at this post. Not a triathlete but funny funny just the same! I rode my bike into the streetlight in 60 degrees and sunny....I better just stick to the running...

OK- so I hope you don't get the freakin' snow we're projected to get for your race! This weather is changing my running mantras to a slew of four letter words.....

Hope you have a great birthday, a GREAT race! Excited to hear about it!! Good luck!

Dr. TriRunner said...

Hope this sunshine sticks around for the weekend for you!!