Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter 2011

Winter has been a mixed bag. In one sense the true northerner in me misses the white stuff. It's just plain weird to have rain all day in mid december and to hear that golf courses are open. Lest you think its warm its not. It's this eery windchill with wet conditions, that seems to be what I think the Pac. NW is like. Having never been there i am not sure! Here is our yard today:

Golf Anyone?
 Here is our yard last year, this was even after the snow had melted a bit. I guess technically its our driveway but i just couldnt find the snow rake for the roof pics ( i must have burned them)
 What has me going strong?
Not Swimming. I am not sure why but i have been hating swimming. That isnt true. I dont hate it but its just plain drudgery to get me there, and if i dont go at dark o thirty i dont want to go. Part of it is the pool issues with the poop, that wasnt so fun, then there is the chlorinated " I smell " issue. And of course the pool temp. I cant say i have been swimming slow, I mean i went to the cold pool monday and i swam FAST. We had a faster wrkout ( T pace) and i swear i wonder if i was on another planet when i swam that test, bc I think " I cant swim that pace unless its 10x100!" SO i try. And monday i blew a gasket. My delts and my pecs and my Lats screamed and actually I didnt swim again till today.
What gets me swimming:
Latte Art at Nina's coffee cafe!
 What else is going on? I am actually liking this view. Granted i havent had any really long trainer rides but as the weather has been so nice I should be out on my Cross bike, but that will come, timing is everything and right now Rich isnt able to ride outside with me so its nice to be home and sweating, and watching the Tennis Channel. I mix it up actually, i usually listen to great music and have the TV on mute or low. I have tried some reality shows like Housewives of __________, but usually that just starts to annoy me. Tennis seems to always be it. Or any sporting event that i sorta "Get" and can follow. The Aussie Open is coming up and in January I expect the rides to get a bit longer so I am excited to have some TV to go with that.
what do you watch when you ride indoors?

While I am on a winding no purpose post, what did you all think of the NBC IM coverage? I havent seen it all, but each year, of the past 2-3 years when i have known more of you that have gone, and you are people like me, AG'ers not pros, not 17 hour racers, i am struck with the question of WHY they dont showcase or at least mention the bulk of the racers that are working/family people/AG qualifiers that are the PACK. They arent winning, nor are they falling into Road signs and looking like they have absolutely NO CORE support left, nada, scary, nothing, blinded or about to have a stroke. Ok that was my view of those last guys. Seriously? Not healthy, but of course "Its not the falling down its the getting back up that matters." Um yeah but maybe i just am jaded by my work in health care, but what is healthy about that? Nothing, maybe that is the point. It gets viewers.
But what about the pack, the normal people? I didnt see any of you! Boo!

So the weekend is here, tonight is martini night where i have orders to drink martinis. The first is fun, the 2nd is a mistake. Lets see if i make a mistake tonight:) And Yes i have a driver! happy weekend!


Betsy said...

Enjoy your martinis! And post swim latte's. I pretty much have to bribe myself with coffee these days too!

Steve said...

I don't have any real comment. Hope you and Rich are doing well. There is so much I don't know about you, but that's o.k. I am along for the ride, and OF COURSE WISH YOU BOTH THE BEST!!! :)

take care Julia, til next time. :)

Molly said...

Yeah, I'm with you on the IM broadcast. I want to hear about the pro race for sure (especially with the drama of it this year) but I want to hear more about the "normal" AGers and not just the folks struggling at the end or the (sorry if this sounds bad) sob stories. I was also disappointed they didn't show the guy who was a triple-amputee - he had a really good race!

For some reason I watch shows that disturb me on the trainer - I guess it's good distraction. Used to be reality shows that piss me off, now I watch American Horror Story and the workout keeps me from being too terrified.

Michelle Simmons said...

I'm with you about the Kona coverage! I was cringing watching those guys falling down and thinking that it just was NOT healthy to be doing that... and yes- where are the age group champs? Seems like it would not be too hard to figure out who they are and at least get a shot of them crossing the finish line even if their names are not mentioned... Watching that coverage you think that either everyone racing is a pro or is finishing falling over at midnight, when in actuality between 10:30-11:30 there was a finisher (on avg) every 6"!

Pedergraham said...

Did I hear martini? Sorry, I got distracted and all I can remember is latte, poop and martini. :)

We are having the same kind of weather here. Still have not skied yet and Andrew is starting to go a little bonkers after taking last year off due to knee surgery.

Anonymous said...

WOW I can't believe how weird your fall has been. Maybe you will have some snow when it counts - like Christmas!

I didn't watch the Kona coverage, I DVR'd it, but can't bring myself to play it. The coverage bores me, especially after following the live feed on race day. THAT was FUN!

When I trained for China I spent quite a bit of time on my trainer, but found I couldn't watch TV so I would listen to my iPod shuffle until it would quit on me. Then it was just me, myself and I.

WOOHOO I LOVE martinis!! Hope you made a mistake or TWO!! :)

Angela and David said...

I could so go for a martini now! And I wish the snow would either come or go, not keep messing around. I'd kind of like to have a white christmas.

Dr. TriRunner said...

Not going to lie... I'm loving that there is no snow right now. :) And I wouldn't mind if it stayed that way all winter!! Love your trainer setup. :)

runningyankee said...

Totally agree on kona.. Makes me mad they spend so much time on people who didn't bust their ass for a year working to qualify. Even more so the biggest loser chick who gOt a free spot. Sorry but when she is gushing over being at the world championships I feel like it cheapens it just a little for those who don't get just how hard it is for a normal person to get there. Happy winter riding! Remember football games are three hours!

Kim said...

i DVRed kona and haven't watched it yet, but in the past, i have always wondered why they didnt show many middle of the pack age groupers.

on the trainer, gosh, i havent been on there in months, i watch reality tv like real housewives!

Damie said...

Honestly, every time I think of a snowy winter, I think of you. I don't know how you do it. I freeze my a$$ off here, and it is nothing. Kona coverage...seems like such a misrepresentation. It definitely frustrates me. Love ya!!!! xoxoxoxox