Friday, December 09, 2011


I wish i had some riveting news to post. But in a way I am glad i dont. I have been wanting to blog the last week but really, there is not much going on in MN in December. We are finally in winter, and must i say I am feeling about 10% of the winter blues, and though that may sound sad, it's really not nearly as bad as it was last year at this time. I still have some patches of sidewalk and road that are visible, I have had few delays from weather related traffic snafus, and today was the first day i really had to cover my face for parts of my run. Not so bad.

I must add that when i went out to run last week after a swim and had not dried my hair, enough...I knew it was time to add another BAG to the bag lady routine when i leave the house at dark o'thirty. The bag this morning contained:

Boure winter wool socks
Shoes ( gotta check twice on this one)
Heavy Winter Gear West windproof Sugoi jacket
Under Armour stretchy winter top
Sleeveless base layer ( Craft)
Lobster gloves
two hats one tight that covers my ears and another looser one on top
neck gaiter that can be pulled up and down prn ( as needed)
Road ID ( eeks i forgot this today, sorta freaked me out) but i had my Y membership card
Compression shorts/capris ( today i wore capris), I like CWX the others dont squish me enough.
Addidas running tights with reflective stripes, even tho today it was sunny, with all the icey roads and cars parked our drivers dont see runners OR bikers, even in broad daylight.
**These tights are not super tight nor are they alladin pants, and they are OLD. VERY Old. Like so old i am fearful they may not make it thru the winter. If you have ideas, let me know. I dont need lulu tights, got those, these need to be functional and kinda thick. I have some CRAFT winter riding pants, but those are for SUB zero.

So today's temp was 8 and windchill of about 0. Running into the wind my HR shot up, mouth into gaiter for sure for the into the wind part, then when i turned around i was good! Pace came up, and i could breathe. I was SO GLAD i went outside. IT takes days like today to realize what your limits are. and i havent found it yet. usually its lack of sun and windchill below 0, and when in doubt i run loops close to home or to my starting point.

So. That means i am running! This is fun, this is good. I am so thrilled to be feeling healthy, feeling good, and at the same time telling myself that nobody needs a champion in January. ( But i do hope to run a half marathon in Naples in January, so that is something to look forward to)
The Drudgery of going to the pool is made easier by my swimming pal Steve ( not in a speedo) another Steve, and without him i think i would pull my eyes out and roll over in bed. I do that anyways as Steve usually wants to swim at like 5 am and i somehow coax him into the LATEST possible swim time before we are overtaken with classes and turds. By the way, the turd caper is solved? or is it?
There have been no incidents in a week, but i am suspcicious. Many of you asked how they knew it was an adult? Well i guess they know bc no kids are in the pool from 8-10 am...and it wasnt there before that. Rumor has it someone was taking some diet supplement and it makes one...well...loose. Ok then, that is about all i need to tell you. But the chemical count is high and you can smell me from the next room, or so my husband says.

Speaking of Rich, he is doing great. We head into another chemo round next week but thankfully we have the week before Xmas off so he can enjoy that time and not be bogged down too much. He still never complains and lives his life to the fullest each day. Lots to be thankful for!

Ok that is it from Sunny and cold MN! Have a great weekend!


Steve said...

I had no idea it was that cold. I am so not ready for that. I don't think we have had too many days below 30. This week was the first week we have seen those.

Keep that really cold stuff by you. I want none of it. :)

Have a good weekend. :)

Kim said...


so glad to hear that rich is doing great. i love positive news!

Angela and David said...

That list of things in your bag further convinces me that I will be doing 99% of all future winter training on the treadmill and trainer.

sallyaston said...

Wow, that sounds cold. I have a pair of Saucony running tights that I love and I am also afraid they won't make it thru winter. I use them for cycling bec I hate padding. I do the bend over butt check before each ride :-)
Happy training!

Jennifer Harrison said...

I have to say, we had the best, most mildest fall here in Chicago, it was dreamy. ESP for me who was IM training. Today, was a slap in the face of real so cold. Hang in there. I told myself today that I would NOT complain about the snow or cold until Feb.1. I need to hold myself to that. LOL

Teresa said...

Bare bones cold for sure! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

We just had to write a Cold Gear Clinic at work and I went shopping for weather I don't have to endure. Here are the tights I thought of immediately when I read your Q.

Glad Rich is doing well!!


Dr. TriRunner said...

Come see me at GEAR!! I'll hook ya up with some tights. :)

Glad to hear you're running, swimming, and the poopermystery has been solved. And Rich is doing well!!