Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Swim Test...And.....

I knew that would grab some attention when really what I will talk about is my day AFTER the swim test. It's funny how TESTING in the off season has so much power over our psyche. If you really think about it its 15-20 minutes. That isnt THAT much time, in my opinion.

Of course its 15-20 minutes of Pain and Suffering but its hardly an hour:) So try not to let those tests get your undies in a bundle. I know i am not letting them get me down or up. They are what they are!

So the swim test went fine. Pretty much the exact same T time as last year. ** Cheryl you are right i should have just told coach Jen a time and not done the test, hee hee. The excitement of the pool was that after i got out ( early) my mom comes to an aqua class around 8 am. I was well on my way home to pick up Rich to take him to his chemo cocktail day, but she emailed me to say they had found an ADULT feces in the pool and it was closed. Seriously nasty. I mean WHO does that? I told my mom she needed to do a complete investigation of her class and figure out who it was. They had already had some fun saying they were going to require immodium before the class and of course i had to add that if the pool was colder there would be less relaxation of the "sphincters" that allow this Shit to happen. ha, sorry i had to say it.

Anyways. Thanks for Chlorine i seem to be doing just fine other than i may need to start doing some Walk abouts before i get into that pool anytime soon.

So off to Chemo we went. And....a long day it was.

We had suspected this but after chemo we went across the streeet to United to get an ultrasound to see if Rich had a blood clot. Winner winner chicken dinner. He does. So, other than being fascinated with the ultrasound itself ( pretty cool if you ask me) we headed back to the oncology clinic and got to close that place down. Rich is now the proud owner of a subclavian clot ( where his port is) and a bit of clotting in the innominate veins. It's pretty common for chemo patients to get clots, so we are just thankful we "pretty much knew" that was it. Otherwise we were going to be much more worried. Ive seen DVT s in the legs but not the arm, and his distal veins were fine so we are lucky we caught it as the subclavian goes right into the Superior Vena Cava then the Heart ( anatomy review) and that's not where you want an emboli. ( or anywhere for that matter)

Oh and the swim test? what swim test? It was the same as last year. Just as hard, just as hot in that dang pool area. So jealous of you peeps that swim outside year round, even if your air is 40 degrees!

We are hanging in there~~  We are uplifted by the love and strength we have from our friends both near and far, blogland and real. Keep it coming!


Molly said...

I'm glad you guys figured it out for Rich sooner rather than later! Continued good thoughts and prayers for the chemo going well.

And LOL at the pool thing! At least it was AFTER you got out!

Steve said...

still with you, and of course wishing you the best. I know these are not easy times for you, but I always felt this past year you seemed to have a great attitude. You being who you are help a lot of people I feel, so keep it up. I know you don't always feel very strong, because NONE of us do. You have a tremendous amount of people who love you and want to support you as best they can.

Me being one. Best to you both. :)


Michelle Simmons said...

Bummer about the clot. :( I had one of those too- same place from the port I had. Was on the coumadin and that other shot- Lovenix I think- for a while but I'll tell you my left arm still gets big when I swim (12 years later). It is noticeably bigger than my right arm after hard efforts b/c of the vein still being partially blocked(?) and blood having to reroute through other capillaries. Blah. Cancersucks. Hang in there Rich!!

SSB said...

That's really gross...

But those of us who swim outside year round still have to deal with hot pools. Usually in the summer. But the UH pool was overheated yesterday. On one of the coldest days of the year (yeah it was like 67 or something...but I walked to the pool in long pants and a hoodie) they had just emptied the hot tub into the pool. It was AWFUL! I'm pretty sure there was steam coming off my head when I took my swim cap off.

My (FUCK CANCER) thoughts are with you guys!

Beth said...

Glad you guys caught the clot. Still praying lots for you guys! I'm so glad Rich has you (and vice versa!) to go through this together.

Oh and poop in the pool??? UGH!!!! GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Dr. TriRunner said...

OK so here's my question... how did they determine it's an "adult" poop??


Good call on the ultrasound, and I'm glad you got things checked out ASAP!

"The head bone's connected to the... neck bone!"

Angela and David said...

Okay, I can't say I followed all the clot talk and if it's a big deal or not but it sounds like it's under control? I hope so.

And I was curious how they knew it was an adult poop as well - maybe no kids had been in there? I have to say every time this summer we went to the outdoor lifetime pool it got shut down because some kid crapped in it. Didn't even phase the lifeguards anymore. But it certainly has me thinking twice about ever swimming laps in the afternoon in the outdoor lap pool at lifetime (it's connected to the wading pool - inside it's not).

Pedergraham said...

Uplifting thoughts to you and Rich. Did they put him on coumadin and Lovenox or just one? Hope the clot and the poop go away and don't come back!

Melissa said...

Wow, it's great that they found the clot. My mom had the same thing (I think) when she had a port too. I'm keeping Rich and you in my thoughts.

And about the poop...gross! Maybe they need some swimmy diapers. I cannot swim year round here, people do it when it's even below 0. Crazy people. But hot pools s.u.c.k., especially for swim tests!

runningyankee said...

thinking of you guys. and jesus. i need a 9th grade bio text book to decipher your posts. i so suck at anything technical - no matter what field. blah.

Damie said...

subclavian- damn. I can't believe you guys caught that, and I am so glad you did. Although now I can't get winner, winner chicken dinner out of my head. Damn chemo. Call us this weekend...:)

Ange said... sorry there's a complication w/ the blood clot. Glad you found it early and can get rid of it. Definately sending you prayers!!!
and @ the pool... that is GROSS and Strange!! Ick!
K--- stay strong. We're all here for you.

Rural Girl said...

Poop in the pool?!.......not to worry. The bacteria are soooo dilated out one would probably only swallow a few! :)

Glad the clot was caught quickly. Take care, Julia.