Monday, November 21, 2011


I am not usually a bullet point blogger but since there is no calm and normalcy to my world right now this seems about right. If I didnt have ADD before now I think i have a good case of it:) Still sleeping well, and other than the "Forces of Evil," that have reappeared in our lives ( and no this isnt the cancer) we are doing just fine.

So here we go:

I have been loving making all sorts of squash and root veggie dishes. This is a ginger curry squash soup. I used Butternut squash and its divine. Just enough ginger to give it some tang and some zing.

I added some of this to the soup. Ever since we were in Aspen and i had this on some eggs I have been loving it. Just a touch goes a LONG way. But we have been eating tons of eggs and I love adding in a bit of heat. So good. I saw they have one with lime in it, may have to go searching for that one too.

When at Sam's this weekend buying Lamb I came upon this. Congrats to my fabulous coach (and of course Jerome), and friend Jen . I am proud of her that she HTFU'd, as she deserved a dream race and she got it yesterday. Now I am not sure it was her dream race but on paper to those of us in the snowy tundra, it looked dreamy:)

Ruby looks quite interested in me. I think this was taken when i asked her if she missed Uncle Rich.
She did.

Still figuring this out, but here is the latest cockpit. I have yet to ride a CT wko and not have to get off for some mechanical or likely "user error" issue. I suspect that in 15 years i will figure this out but in the mean time i dont trust this thing and cant figure out how to get the HR alarm to stop beeping. Hence i am using the Power tap. Andtill i have tested that PT wheel is staying on. I used to have to test every other week when i was just riding my bike. So i guess doing 1 test a year isnt that bad. But testing 2 x month broke me.
And what do i swim for?
I swim for Nina's coffee cafe. I am going to put them back on my Race Kit in 2012. They are too good to me and i am really realizing that i may not have a Powerbar/insert fancy big name here/Cyclops/Saucony etc etc...sponsorship but i want to keep giving back to the local people that have supported me, even with great foam, or with just a pat on the back. So for 2012 NINAs and Folske Spine and Rehab are getting a place on my kit.

Other than this stuff you know, its business as usual. Work, snow, hoping snow melts, looking forward to thanksgiving with family, being grateful for all I have, and especially being grateful that no matter what, Rich and I are blessed with friends and family, some of you who we dont even "know," who are pulling for us. No matter what others are thinking we can only control our own attitude, and so during thanksgiving keep your good graces on the front quadrant and remember that even if you think your life isnt ideal you have so much to be thankful for! 
Happy Thanksgiving :)


cheryl said...

So much truth there! and Ruby looks so cute.

Beth said...

That soup looks soooooo good! :) Stay warm!

runningyankee said...

thanks for the reminder about, well being thankful. how often we forget. :)

Rural Girl said...

Happy thanksgiving, Julia.

Anonymous said...

1. Ruby is ADORABLE as always! Cody says HELLO :)
2. Why are people SO crazy? SORRY!!
3. Have you tried Franks Red Hot Sauce? SO GOOD!
4. Mmmm.. love FOAM and good espresso!

Okay I think that's all my bullet points for you. :) xoxox


Dr. TriRunner said...

Funny - I have like 6 butternut squash (from my aunts backyard!) on the porch, and a Costco sized bottle of Cholula in my fridge. :) SOOO good! Did you make that soup recipe up, or find it somewhere?

Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving Julia!

Jennifer Harrison said...

I ate PLENTY OF M&MS this week - oh boy...I am nearly sick. It was needed though!!! And, I was very happy with my race....I think we, as triathletes, forget to ENJOY the successes - no race is perfect, but if we don't enjoy each success then WHY do we keep searching for it? I enjoy each one - WHEN they come along, b/c we sure work hard to have a GOOD day!!! :))
Hope you had a nice week+ without me! LOL

Heidi Austin, PT, DPT said...

awww ruby is adorable!!!! thanks for the re-assurance about the PT schedule thing... I was starting to wonder what the best move was. Thank you for the advice! and that coffee looks amazing! happy t-day julia :)