Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Two Years:)

Wow, when rich and I were in Aspen this past weekend we laughed bc we realized that our two years of marriage, felt like WAY more than that. But not in the "ball and chain" way you may think:)
I had known rich for about 2 years, gosh maybe more, before we got married. We actually got engaged on Nov 7, 2008 and were married a year later, on Nov 7, 2009. The same day my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  This makes life MUCH easier for my siblings, bc they only need to remember one date. You are welcome:)

Here we all are that great weekend in Georgetown ( D.C.) as we were at my cousin Christina Ritchie's wedding. What a great weekend, getting engaged at her wedding, but wanting to stay quiet till the next day so i didnt steal the show. ( not that there werent like 200 people there, but you get my point)

 My mom looks happy:) And just a note, she got new sporty glasses and has the best wardrobe in the world. I need a few lessons.

This weekend was great in Aspen. We had some major weather issues getting into Aspen, but once we were there ( circa Planes Trains and Automobiles) we were good. It was blowing snow and COLD when we arrived. Welcome to winter. So that wasnt too exciting for me, but we had a lovely hotel to stay in, with a fireplace, lots of nice people waiting on us, and a lovely comfy bed.

Going to Aspen in the off season has its perks. We got a great deal, had the hotel to ourselves ( so it seemed) and never a wait at a restaurant. Thanks to Jen Cunane we ate at some wonderful restaurants, and were I a true foodie, i would have taken pictures. But i didnt. But we were wowed a few times, oece with Lupe De Mer ( Rabbit of the Sea...really, never heard of that before and i thought i knew my french) which is Sea bass, the BEST brussel sprouts i have ever eaten ( and i like em even mushy), wonderful Lamb, and some to die for homemade mushroom ravioli. Then another day we were just wowed by the best, sweetest espresso i have tasted in a long time. Those of you that know me, know i cannot stand a bad Capp, and the Caribou's here continue to underwelm me. So this was fun. Then a homemade greek yogurt ( full fat) with lemon verbena flavoring and fresh fruit. Youmay also know i do not like oversweetend yogurt, greek or not. So this was a total leap of faith. IT was worth it. Subtle and wonderful:

Last on my non food blog, but attempt to tell you we ate well...a visit to the best sushi place i have eaten at since...well Philly, well Chicago..hahaha i like Sushi. matsuhisa
It was monday night football, so you have to get there early, and they have some specials and 1$ bud and bud lights. I really think there were not too many people watching football:) And the food was great. I had never had a hand roll before, and it was divine:) ( I never knew what it was, as i thought all rolls were hand rolled:)LOL

So that ends my attempt to write like those of you that food blog, which maynot be any of you. needs pictures i think:)

Oh and this place was good too..Peaches

I love good BF burritos that arent all tortilla, and this one didnt disappoint, more eggs and veggies than wrap. Nice:)

Ok so pictures of the outdoors took precedent to the food, here ya go:

Kevin O'C owns GWB and Tri.

ICEY SLIPPERY ROADS, glad its not MN:)

I ran up this trail, the RIO GRANDE, the day prior, it was a lung buster!

Roaring Fork River

So, we got outdoors, i refused to bring my boots. I am glad i didnt, but i wish i had:) ha!
Thanks for all the Anniversary wishes on FB. We have had a wild ride, our first 2 years, but the great thing is that we loved every minute of it. The beauty of our love is that though from the outside looking in it seems like we have had very little time that hasnt been dealing with cancer. Pre wedding and into our first year, Rich had alot of physical challenges. And now, here we go again. But to us, while it isnt fun, what stands out for me in these two years isnt cancer. It isnt sickness. It's health! And all the fun stuff we have done, on and off our bikes. So we are so blessed to have this time, and so appreciate all of you that are helping us and praying and pulling for Rich! Thank you!!


SSB said...

Happy anniversary

Kim said...

happy happy anniversary julia and rich!

Angela and David said...

So glad you guys had such a great trip and welcome home! I accidentally ordered a hand roll once and it was delicious but so difficult to eat, you'll have to share the secret of eating it gracefully when we get together and WE NEED TO GET TOGETHER!

Beth said...

Happy anniversary you two! Looks like a great trip (ugh...snow...).

Your attitude towards the adversity you've faced as a couple is inspiring Julia and a great lesson for us all.

cheryl said...

Sounds lovely! Except I missed the mention of DQ in all the foodie stops ;-)

Steve said...

Glad you had a good time. Boy wish I had some great words for you, how about Happy Anniversary. Yay. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary to you and Rich! Your mom is adorable. :) Sorry about the snow, but it looks/sounds like you made the best of it. I need to send you an email and catch up! xoxox

Jenn said...

Ahh! Your mom IS a doll!!

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a wonderful trip! Great perspective here in your last paragraph. Will continue to pull for Rich and pray that you're showered in many more blessings like those you've experienced these last two wonderful years!!

Betsy said...

Glad you finally made it to aspen. I was shocked you wanted to come to the snow and cold! Congrats on 2 years and many more!

EZnJ said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! Keep up the food-blogging as I prefer your descriptions to those of Strib critics. Happy 2nd Anniversary and hope to see you two soon!

Damie said...

you two are so precious and I love you!!!!!!!!