Thursday, April 26, 2012


I seem to know every year that April is a tease of a month. One day its 70 the next its snowing and barely hits 40. I'm in a bit of a funk right now. Rich and I talked last night and he is in a funk ( for different reasons) and we decided that it will pass and we have to make the best of this time of year. I will say I am so dang sick of running and coming home and 5 minutes later being in a cold shiver. I am so looking fwd to wanting a cold beverage after a run or ride, be it recovery or not, not just a hot coffee or tea.

Yes. You all feel so sorry for me bc I will be sweating in about a week i know. The other thing that has my undies in a bundle is that last week ( in the cold) I must have had quite a clench going while running in my jaw bc I bit into something chewy and my jaw locked. Its actually been over a week now and I still have jaw pain. Since i live with "someone who happens to have some knowledge on the subject" ( that is what he told me when i was eating nuts and he told me not to, and yes, he was right....Each morning i think i am done with ( INSERT SOFT FOOD DIET) kefir, yogurt, bananas, oatmeal...and that i am ready to take on chewy goodness of a toasted bagel and some mixed nuts. Not together. But each day i have been solidly SLAPPED back into the depression that comes from not being able to bite into an apple. Last night i was able to gnaw thru a buffalo burger and didnt dare try the bun, too much chewing.
I have been told by my expert that i need to let it rest. No licorice, no gum. And i will admit there are days when i think that dinner may just be a DQ milkshake. So much for a taper diet.

Other than that my taper for the race in St Croix has been fine. I am bored. I know by now that the sitting around and all that is worth it but when Rich goes out last night ( when it was 70) to ride for a few hours, i was pretty close to going with him. But i sat on my hands and did...laundry. Fun that Lance will be there, hope its not a crazy circus because of that, and that the race of 600 doesnt become the race of 1000 just so everyone can say " I raced with Lance." But I dont care, bc if you are a Lance Hater and you also dont believe in Santa Claus, stop reading.

We love Lance. You can say he cheated and he is a doper and he deserves nothing, and yes, there is alot of smoke around him. But he was never convicted, so let it go. Look at all the stuff he HAS done for LiveStrong and look at what he is doing for the sport of Triathlon. He's 40. Trust me he is feeling this so cut him some slack and wish him some luck. Maybe we have a different perspective with Cancer these days, but you know if Rich can say " Lance did this..." and believe that he can also, well why not believe?

I also have a birthday monday. I was going to be all hardcore and not have a glass of wine ( I have had pretty much nothing to drink since camp) ha, that made it sound like we drank alot at camp, we didnt! And not much in the dessert area, but with the latest jaw issues i may be gnawing on a cupcake and eating a milkshake for my birthday dinner. I know some of you are all diligent and restrictive pre race, but I have gotten in this mindset that when i hit 46, then 47, thn 48 etc...I really cant say that having a few graham crackers and drinking a glass of wine is what is going to give me a Kona qualifying slot.
I just dont believe that is what is going to make or break my race. I think my head is going to make or break my race and whoever else shows up. So birthday treats wont be skipped just bc its race week.

Ok gotta go work a bit, then do some laundry. Have a good safe training week. Stay warm.


Steve said...

Great update as usual Julia. For the record, I read every book on Lance, and he is a Superstar. Did he cheat?? I never thought it so, but maybe he did. He still works hard, overcame obstacles, and is talented and someone everyone can respect.

None of us are perfect, and we all have our obstacles. Don't mean you can't go kick ass at St. Croix, and who knows... maybe even shake Lance's hand.

Best to you both as always Julia. :)


Molly said...

Happy early birthday to you! You can celebrate post-race, I'm sure :) I'm climbing a mountain for mine so maybe that means I should have a milkshake too.

Angela and David said...

Wine and cupcakes are good for you, especially on your birthday! Glad I didn't bring you a jar of good luck nuts when we got together - ha! And you really are being good with your taper because yesterday was AMAZING.

Good luck and more importantly have fun. And make sure Rich gets a picture with Lance.

Beth said...

AHHH!!! Happy early birthday!! Good thing DQ blizzards are soft. ;) And have an absolute awesome time in St. Croix. We will be cheering loud for you!!!!! Can't wait to see you kick some butt!!!

PS I feel the same way about Lance...

elizabeth said...

Happy early Birthday to you!! Sorry about your jaw, that's no fun. I know how big a bummer the weather can be, except on opposite ends of the spectrum. You're almost in St. Croix! Now have DQ & a cupcake & a glass of wine for your bday... I'll be doing the same on mine!

Jennifer Harrison said...

I have rec'd more "rut" emails than ever this week from everyone. I think it is the turn in the weather. IT IS FREEZING here...literally. I knew we'd get hammered after our too warm early spring!

And, if graham crackers and some junk food is the reason people do not q-fy for Kona...then, I would never have! :)

Enjoy! And, stay warm this weekend, it is a rough one for sure. SUN SOON!

Marit C-L said...


DEFINITELY eat the cupcake. And drink the wine.

I'll be thinking of you - hang in there with the taper... this is always the most difficult part of racing. That pre-race stuff. You will do GREAT!

All my love to you and Rich. I think you BOTH are amazing. xoxo

Caroline said...

Julia!! HAPPY early birthday! Celebrate with a milkshake and a cupcake, that sounds divine! When I eat some of those yummy nutty chocolatey treats on my ride tomorrow I will think of you (the shop where I usually get my nutrition was unexpectedly closed tonight, so these treats will now jump in as training fuel - timing couldn't have been better!). You'll come out the other side of this rut... because waiting for you is sun, warmth, the blue seas of the Caribbean, and Lance Armstrong. Doesn't get much better than that. Go get it next weekend! And I hope Rich enjoys his race as well!!

SSB said...

Happy early birthday. Wish I was gong to St Croix. But I'll just be one less person in the Lance circus. I get to race with him a month later anyway.

Gah... I have that whole clenching thing...especially when I stress (i.e. for the last 12 months!). never been diagnosed with TMJ but I know I have it. Clenching, grinding, jaw popping, ear ringing, muscles get tired eating gummy bears and sometimes sandwiches. My temporal muscles are me and if I point them out others always say. "oh yeah, that's weird".

Good luck in St Croix. Get that Kona slot!!!!

ADC said...

Hey I agree completely on the Lance front. Although in our household we do not have the need to race with Lance since Shaun is known in our circles as a manwho beat Lance....... at Boston marathon :)))

Libby said...

wish you were down here girl! and not just because of the weather. I'm in the midst of the rocobado TMJ certification. we need to figure that jaw out!! did you check out his 6x6 exercises? google it at least it will be some stabilization but def avoid full opening. is it getting better?
oh- 100% agree on lance AND I'm so excited for you to race st. croix. once you get in that fab weather the funk will lift, trust me, totally understand and don't miss that ugly weather funk that comes with this time of year. happy early birthday!! we need to get you a straw for that glass of vino ;)

Trigirlpink said...

I'm in a funk right now too. It's 42 degrees out and I'm not motivated to go ride on the damn roads with the wind. I don't care HOW bright the sun is. We've already been teased with nice weather and I want it BACK!

How about a hard night guard? Perhaps you need one?? it takes the pressure off your jaw and if you clench or grind, it helps with that as well.

Happy Happy Birthday!

The Triathlon Rx said...

I think my first comment on your blog was last year on your birthday!! So consider this a birthday-comment anniversary, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!

p.s. 80 tomorrow?!

Ange said...

YES! Agree with all of this! Happy birthday! Can't wait to watch you in St. Croix!

Kim said...

Happy happt birthday friend! Did you hear about the lance vs eggers (my pal) kickoff this weekend? What an amazing charity event... and i swoon over him. Yummers.