Thursday, August 02, 2012

Is it really August?

Hi there, long time no talk from me. I hope you all are having a great summer. I cannot believe it's August! Life around here is, well, eventful. I havent been posting bc sometimes there isnt much to say:)

Lets see if i can do this bullet style! Less thinking.

I left off with Saddle Sores. I dont really have SS, its more a hot spot, I got a shim under my R cleat and i think i am good, still gets sore but its nothing awful. Some shorts are great. SADLY, the SOAS shorts are not good. I think my legs are too long. I think they should make some shorts for longer legs, bc they just cut me funny. Boo. I may have to sell them, anyone? worn once or twice.

Rich is still doing chemo. Yup. He isnt doing so well on this latest one. Its really hard to see him sick from chemo. We keep faith that its going to extend his life, and he keeps a good attitude most days, other than when he is up all night. Yuk. Poor guy. He has lost more weight which is bothersome but we joke that he can now climb as well as he descends. He rides his bike bc it makes him happy, some people may think he shouldnt but then they should mind their own business.

I dont sleep all that well. See above. This may or may not have contributed to my weekend fun at the Emergency Room with a killer sore throat. And dont tell me about sore throats ever again. This one beat the nerve pain i had with shingles and since i am married to a doctor, trust me, we take visiting the ER VERY SERIOUSLY. You dont do it unless you are going to jump or havent slept in 3 days and found yourself making howling noises all night long bc you could. NOT. STAND. the pain any longer.

Some how i managed to swallow enough liquids to keep my weight and strength up, and we still dont know what it was. Viral or Bacterial who knows, but i am glad that is behind us. 4 days of bed rest and lots of drugs dont do your body any favors tho. Why i expected my return to movement to be easy...
well wouldnt you? you basically rested for 4 days, wouldnt it seem like your body would be refreshed?
Not quite. Lets just say I have found another roadblock that i am determined to get over before race day! Hello Shin's and ITB and all those soft tissues that loved lying around for 4 days.

Despite thinking i should be all up in arms about IM I am sorta in the "well, it will happen, and I am going to show up with the best plan i can have." Before my lovely TIME OUT, I had the best bike test i have had ever. Can you say that riding a 13 mile TT and improving your LT Watts by 30 is a fluke ? I hope not, and i think not. And I swam a great open water race as well. So the fitness is there. I have to remember all the stuff i HAVE done, not what i havent done or missed. I do sometimes wonder if the mind and body really ever get along 100% in IM training. For some maybe. but for me it seems like they dont.  I also know i am cursed blessed with knowing too much about the body. That makes turning the head off very hard.

Here are some fun pics from a 6 hour ride that Rich and I did in June at Lake Pepin. It was a tough day, and he did great. We have figured out how to ride together and i just love riding with my favorite partner:)

Its too soon to be thinking about next year, but i did promise my body 6 weeks off from running if it helps me run this marathon:) Or more if it wants it!

We head up to Firehouse 50 this weekend. A great weekend with some fun and tough biking and a little Firehouse 100 for me ( if you get my drift) and then a LONG run sunday with a 15k race in the middle of that. So i get company for 15k of my long run, Yes! And hopefully water stops. You never know in northern Wi what the course will have!

So that is about it. Summer is flying, we are loving the Olympics other than still wishing one of those swimmers would pick up Andrea Joyce and throw her into the warm down pool. of course NBC would not show it.


Molly said...

LMAO at your last paragraph - YES, the interview questions are so obnoxious.

Thinking of both of you and thinking good thoughts for the rest of the summer.

Steve said...

Best of luck with all. I am glad you can train to keep up a bit of sanity with all going on in your lives.

Best wishes of course to Rich too. :)

Melissa said...

Hang tough. Sending healing vibes and thoughtful wishes to you and Rich.

Damie said...

keep up the positive attitude. you made me feel better and reminded me to do the same just by reading this.

Beth said...

Glad you are feeling better! Sounds like the sore throat was a REALLY bad one. No fun. Praying for you and Rich as always. Now have a great time this weekend at your ride and run!

The Miller Family said...

Have a great weekend! Glad you are feeling better. I love watching the Olympics.

Elizabeth said...

We feel the same way about Andrea!! YES - remember all the work you have done, IM will be fine. My last IM was IMOO and my training for it, my body and my head were a complete mess - BUT I'm extremely proud of my finish there!! Enjoy your last little build, try to get some rest (do you take something? I've been taking 10mg of melatonin and 5 out of 7 nights I sleep pretty well). Xoxox

Trigirlpink said...

Andrea... Who at NBC thought THAT was gonna work? (...thinking nails on a chalk board)

So glad your up and running again. Still cringing with the thought of that severe sore throat. The pain of THAT will bring you to a new pain threshold for IM racing ! Yippeee!

Sorry your boy lost the Match. :-(

Caroline said...

Julia, so great to hear your update! I'll keep you and Rich in my thoughts - for health and more sleep for both of you. You have the right attitude about Ironman. You are doing the work, don't panic, you will finish. That isn't even a question. One of my friends commented on my blog after a race that didn't go so well, saying that anyone can PR when everything is going perfectly, but the times where you really stick it out and didn't give up when the going gets rough, that means so much more. And that's what you've been doing all training cycle.

Anonymous said...

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