Sunday, July 01, 2012

Cycling...Saddle Sore(s)

So, I've got one. 
Ive never had one before and I hope this goes away fast. 
Things I have done: 
Shorts off fast
Saddle is fine, its an ISM I have changed nothing.
I am using a topical NSAID, but it still hurts.
I dontwant to stop riding!
I also tried Tea Tree Oil. I know that was what worked on my my shingles blisters.

Anyone got anything good to share with me?

Many thanks!!!

Ps Running going well!


Molly said...

Ouch! I use ingrown hair preventer (basically salicylic acid-soaked pads) after every ride too, it dries everything out. The TTO should be doing about the same thing. Tons and tons and tons of Aquaphor before/sometimes during riding.

Kim said...

Ugh julia, i have been down that road....i had one that was around for like 3 months bc i just kept riding and didnt know what to do either! I dont have any recommendations sadly...i think i just kept poking at it and putting neosporin and bandaids on it.

Michelle Simmons said...

What I've found to prevent is tons of chamois cream every time you ride- like so much it's oozing out of your shorts (seriously!) Then to treat if you actually get one- if it looks like something you can pop (gross I know) pop it then put hydrogen peroxide on it to help it dry out. Tha fixes mine overnight every time. If its just a raw sore then a few days away from your saddle should fix it if it it's not huge. :)

Damie said...

no- I have had the same saddle sore for 2 years. I can't get rid of it. The ones I have gotten rid of I did the following: alcohol on it daily, zit cream or zinc oxide on it daily. xo good luck!

Melissa said...

My favorite topic. I believe it has nothing to do with how fast you take of your soiled shorts. Tons of chamois cream does help. I even add on glide before the cream. I believe its all about how you straddle that saddle. If the saddle is too wide for your narrow crotch you will have issues. If you have moved your seat up a pinch it can cause that area to rub on the wider part of the saddle too much. That is what happened to me.
I switched back to my narrow saddle and have had much better luck.

Nat said...

Boudreau's Butt Butter works wonders on saddle sores. Apply especially thick before bedtime and then go commando to bed :) Also, what everyone else said...apply plenty of Bag Balm on your short's chamois. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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