Monday, June 25, 2012


That is about all I have to say. "Hey."

I was riding today and while i was losing interest  staying focused on a long cool down, I realized I have very little positive to say on my blog right now. That isnt to say I am all doom and gloom. But for now I just dont have the energy or desire to write about cancer or comeback from injury. I dont totally agree when people say "blog goes blank = injury" bc I am actually doing quite well. I just dont have the interest or the energy to spend right now and most of you that are my friends email me and you know what is going on. If you arent, dont be offended. I will come back sometime. Maybe sooner than I think.
The hamstring is pretty good. My Glutes ( specifically my glute med) is getting a torturous workout and i am running. Not fast. Not alot. I am still 3 weeks out, usually its 6 weeks before the leash is off. I am riding normally and swimming well. That is about all I have to say, other than as you know, a return from injury means other stuff barks too. Rich is ok. Not great. Not awful. He starts a new round of chemo tmmrw and honestly we hope he feels as good as he has with the last drugs. He sure felt worse this last month than ever, which in and of itself is worrisome.

I decided my life and my love of being active ( and kicking tail) cant be dictated by an M dot race. So come Wisconsin I may not have my full physical fitness but the mental fitness starts now. Bring it on race day, its what is going on upstairs as much as what is going on in the hamstrings.

That's it from the OK Coral.


Molly said...

It sounds like you are doing the best you can, and that's all you can ask. Hugs to you and hope everything goes smoothly in the coming week for you both.

Steve said...

I am one of your outsider type friends, but I have been around for a while, and definitely think of you, and hubby.

You have a great attitude. You know as well as anyone that the next "A" race means almost nothing when other things are going on.

Keep going for it Julia. It is good for you, and you are a good person, and you training will do nothing negative and all positive.

p.s. glad I got to know you. :)


Marit C-L said...

Julia - you and Rich are amazing. I get the OK stuff, too. Hang in there.... day by day... keep it fun and full of stuff that's important to YOU - nothing else and matters, and who cares what people say? You guys know what's important - and OK is sometimes just where it's at.

Hang in there! Nate deploys in 2 weeks - and I'm holding off a flare with meds - we are OK too.


Caroline said...

Julia, sending you virtual hugs. I'll keep Rich in my thoughts that this next round of chemo goes as well as possible. It sounds like you've been super diligent in healing up your injury, so I hope recovery keeps moving along well. Ironman is a huge race but, like you said it's not the be-all, end-all. Get to the start line and have the best race you can with the conditions you are given, that's what's most important. Thinking of you!

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