Sunday, June 17, 2012

Things I Know Today

It's Father's Day which is weird for me and Rich. He is a great father. But he is not the father of my children nor is he my father. My dad is out of town and since his birthday is always the weekend before father's day he has always said "dont give your money to Hallmark." Love it.

Despite not running or riding with any intensity I havent gained any weight. Hate me if you want.

Just to follow that last " Thing I know" I have been eating. And I dont find anything wrong with good grains and bread. Or maybe some Blue Bunny Carrot Cake ice milk, if you must know. I sorta hoped it would be like the Birthday Cake ice cream that sounds so good, but is repulsive but the CC ice milk is actually really good.

I am sorry Cheryl, I havent been to DQ.

When i got a stomach virus last weekend the last thing i had eaten was a VEGA Shake and Go Smoothie. That stuff is too spendy to throw out but the thought of it makes me want to hurl. I will give it another week or two.

My sister's cat YETI is albino and deaf. He is adoreable and has all sorts of Stevie Wonder head bobs, but he always makes my hands and wrists itch and my eyes water. Allergic? i think so.

I ran for a very short time today. I was fine. I feel like i could have run more, so that means i stopped when i should have. My IM is a ways off. I have time and i know i will be ready. AT the same time I am thinking about 2013, and that makes me excited.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY miss Time Trialing. I hope i can do that soon.

My bike shoes STINK like ...I cant even tell you what they stink like bc I have never smelled something so awful. They smelled like this riding thru the rivers in St. Croix and now after getting all wet riding yesterday ( great forecast I am not sure if i should just get a new pair or just stop smelling them.

Lance deserves better that this. Ijust cant help but wonder WHO is behind this and why all the sudden the witchhunt is back on. I cant help but suspect that somehow if he were not in top contention for WTC Races and The IM World Championships that this accusation wouldnt have surfaced ever? Why now?

I have the BEST team of people taking care of me. Medical Doctors, Dr of Chiropractic, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist...I wish you all could see them, as long as you dont make it too hard for me to get in. I cant tell you how nice it is trust that you are doing what you can to get better.  I just need to not get in the way of my own progress. Sounds familiar?

Rest is important. When i ran today I felt light on my feet, I did not feel as bad as i thought i would. Taking 2 weeks off running wont kill you.

Jen is not only a great coach she is a great friend. I am lucky to have her in my life.

Speaking of friends I am sorrounded with girfriends that have stepped out of the shadows to support me not only in triathlon but life in general. For that I am so thankful.

Rich is in a tough place, not yet in the study we had hoped he would be in he has not had chemo for 5 weeks. We are praying he gets into the study, but alot of this is out of our hands due to some bloodwork "issues." Please keep him and us in your prayers. Its hard to think he wont be riding some of my epic rides with me, but i think its best he save his energy. That makes me very sad.

My family is again amazing. I am thankful everyday for my parents and amazed at them at the ages of 85 ( dad) and nearly 83 ( mom) they are truly incredible and i sure hope my gene's hold up and i can be like them in another 40 years.

Like i said, next year. Who wants to go to Tahoe? I had my hopes on Texas, but that seems to be sitting by the sidelines. Damie?

Then again I really would love to kick the Half distance. With this injury I have been thinking how nice it would be to get the 70.3 distance under my spell. Lots to decide, and not sure the KQ slot is really all that anyways.

Have a nice Father's Day!


Damie said...

I am not going with you to Tahoe b/c you are a skinny bisatch. I have gained tons of weight to your no weight gain. This fat a$$ is jealous. xoxo. Tell Rich Happy Father's Day for me, and I agree- no giving money to Hallmark. Love you tons. Stay smart...everything will come back and fall into place. xoxo

cheryl said...

No way to Tahoe. I raced there one time, and was sicker than a dog from the altitude. I forgive you for no DQ. Im drinking a Steak n Shake milkshake right now, they do have the best milkshakes. Its chocolate, so perfect recovery drink on a nonety plus day. Not that I have anything to recover from.

So glad your run was good! Youll be tough when Madison rolls around. Have a great day!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Great list! And, when we get hurt, it is always a good time to reflect and do a grateful list of what is good and fun in our lives!

Um, let's say a big fat NO to Tahoe. I mean, 6500 feet of elevation? I've been there before, while it is magnificent, Cheryl is right, OUCH!


Betsy said...

Tahoe! Yes. I'm already in! If you want to train at 7000 feet I know a place you can stay :)

The Miller Family said... are so motivated...I want to get through 2012....

keeping Rich in my thoughts...hope you are healing quickly!