Monday, June 11, 2012

A New Week!

So thanks for all the support and Yes I CAN do this! I think it was Steve that said "Wow you take race week seriously." And ya you know its because I love to train dont get me wrong, its the daily stuff I love, but the race is the reward. It's like the bonus on your paycheck ( not that i get those) or the frosting on the cake, cream cheese frosting of course. I lose my mojo if I am just training and so it stings to miss the party. I have to say you cant go looking at results thinking " I would have gotten 1st or 5th," bc race day is a gamble, weather, etc. and I Also figure that just as I may be struggling to fix some body part that isnt 100% you gotta bet there are alot of others that are fighting to be there too. Especially as we are into our 40's. You 20-30's may not get that, Yet.

I was cleared to do some riding this week with a Watt cap. Just fine. Funny thing is that after i rode 6 miles sunday ( yes I said 6, not 60) at a really slow pace knowing darn well into a wind and on hills that keeping that Watt cap would not work 100% of the time. I got sick. Like so sick i couldnt eat till today at 10 am. Last thing i ate, sadly before i had overwelming nausea, was a Vega Shake and Go Berry shake. I used to like those but for whatever reason that shake was all I tasted till this morning. CY, it's yours. Crap I dont think i can look at that for a bit.

Im not sure what was up. I finally took one of Rich's anti nausea pills and made it thru the night, sipping on sprite. It was too close to home tho bc the night of IM wisconsin i had the same thing. Nausea, sweats, all I could drink was sprite. Yuk. I do know that yesterday I did NOT take too much salt in, so who knows. I do. I am exhausted.

Rich does not Sleep. Well he does, in fits and starts, so that means alot of interuppted sleep for me. I feel awful saying this but I sleep best when he is not in teh same room bc he gets up alot and he isnt "light on his feet" when he does. I slept last night from 9-6am ( we had a massive storm so i didnt actually fall asleep till about 11) then i got up, felt like crap, and went back to bed till 9. Then i got up and actually MADE myself eat some rice cereal with 1/2banana and almond milk. It sat ok. Then i read and...fell asleep again till 12:30. I think i clocked in 16 hours. And I am planning on clocking in at least 9 tonight.

I am a sleeper. I was never a "Sleep to escape" person, like not like i needed it to not be depressed, but in college I never pulled an all nighter and usually if i was up till midnight it was rare. Maybe after finals, but i swear anytime i stayed up past 1 or 2 I would get sick. So now I am an 8-9 hour girl. My dad is the same way, my sister elizabeth as well. It must be genetic. And really I can tell you that up until I was in my 40's I never got sick and I never got injured. TO play D1 sports and never be injured is pretty rare I think. Of course that was maybe when people didnt train like crazypeople. Anyways. I also know that despite not feeling it, the stress of the last year has taken its toll. I have been sick more this past year than I have in ??? I cant remember. Not deathly ill but stuff that never happened before, so now its operation rest and sleep and heal. And also not worry. Good luck with that one, right?

Leg is doing great. I go back to see the "tenderizer" tommorrow so i will be sore for a few days. All joking aside what Josh does, the deep transverse friction massage, is what really re-aligns the tissue and helps it gorw back and "work" how it should. The PRP is the catalyst and now with Josh's chinese torture for the next two weeks and some eccentric strength, the leg will be good to go for the rest of the season. I know darn well that things dont heal in 2 weeks. more like 6 weeks and 6 mos for good, but I am praying this holds thru Madison. and if i need another shot i know now what to expect. But lets assume this is going to stick. IF i can keep my side of the bargain, Rest, hopefully I can PLAY a bit on the race course even before Madison.


elizabeth said...

I'm a sleeper too! Although I am NOT pleasant to share a bed with, I get violent at night and have crazy dreams. And I'm sorry you were sick, that does not sound pleasant! Keep resting and keep smiling :)

Steve said...

I always get my sleep too, although it may not seem like it. :)

Stress the unseen unknown agent. What it does to us we never know. It is probably why you have been getting sick this past year, and maybe injuries too.

Hope all is better soon. :)

Angela and David said...

I was the queen of all nighters in college and law school and working around the clock was the norm at law firms and youth must have been on my side because I never got sick and was never injured playing D1 volleyball and we trained HARD - like the other team's coaches would threaten their teams with workouts like what we went through. But it appears all that is catching up with me now and I have many bad habits to break....glad you are feeling better and eating again because I would feel terrible if you had to just sit there and watch me eat on Saturday!