Saturday, November 03, 2007

So did you know that....

and that Mr.Polarbear is really quite nice and lets you take pics on your own camera at no charge? Even tho there is a roaming guy that will sell you one in the gift shop?

COKE ANYONE? or should i say COCA-COLA ???
The Coke museum is really cool. Or it was until i sat in the "throw up" 4D theatre where the seats moved and since we were in the front row we got the best of the effects. For me that meant taking off the glasses and closing my eyes, and just being a good sport while the chairs slammed back and forth. This was worse than the Omni-theatre's "flying" movie.
I thought my stomach had settled. But I was ready to get out of there.
So we headed to the gift shop but had to stop at the "tasting" area where you can sample and I mean AS MUCH AS YOU WANT of all the coke products from all over the world. Of course there is an entire separate room with JUST COKE.
We headed to Spain, Africa, Japan, all over the place trying to not continent jump. Wow, there are some NASTY soda-pops out there. I think England had a pretty good one that was like a weak ginger ale, but there was one from Africa that tasted like sun tan lotion. Gross.
I dont really drink too much pop anyways so I am sure i didnt appreciate it as much as some others.
We went to the ALL COKE room and did a blind taste test with the following:
diet coke
diet caffeine free coke
coke free
diet cherry coke
And the winner is......
Now I go to Target when i get home and buy some. It doesnt taste all that great but it was good marketing on their part.
So back to the story...We sample all that stuff and i am starting to want some air. We get outside and walk thru Olympic Centennial Park (cool) and hail a cab. The taxi looks clean and the guy seems to know where we need to go, as opposed to the one at the conference center that handed the Zagat book at us to find out where we were the meter was running already. nice.
But lets just say that i dont care how "good" they look, this guy got us out of Downtown Atlanta and back to Emory at rush hour without even coming to a complete stop EVER. I rolled down the windows, closed my eyes and sat it out.
Dont like riding in the back seat, dont like bumpy airplane rides, dont like the seats in the back of the old station wagons (Grand-daddy old car) that face backwards. I kinda dread any airplane ride where i need to sit in the back, and the worst is when you land and they turn off all the air and you get to sit there for 15 minutes while NWA says "we have the best arrival times," meaing we touched down on time but we are going to hold you hostage for a bit.
Well I know i didnt tell you that much about Asa Candler and the real history of coke, but if you go you can learn all about it. It was fun and it is truly amazing all the products coke produces. There are also letters from servicemen asking their mom's to send Coke to them, and letters that people wrote telling how coke changed their lives. Hmm..maybe i will give up sports and search for endorphins, long lasting friendship and a community with fellow coke drinkers. Nah.
Anyways, go if you can.
The Aquarium is next!

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