Saturday, November 10, 2007

SPBRC club ride
7:30 am Saturday
Didnt check the radar till 7:15 am where one of our trusty weatherpeople told me that it would be "wet" I think they like to use "snizzle"(what kind of word is that? sound like nasal drip to me)
I looked out the window, and it looked just fine to me. So figured I may as well go out and investigate. It took me 20 minutes to gear up so i may as well spin around and see what was out there. Plus I knew honey was already on the road...too late to call it quits. and i knew that the GP train would be hauling up Summit ready to pull me in.

This weekend across the high bridge we were pelted with little ice pellets. "What did we do to deserve this???" was called from the back of the group. A few people peeled off after what was not really a sprint on Delaware. The pace was moderate and I applaud the normally "way aggressive" lead riders for shortening the course by 10 miles as we got wetter and the snizzle turned to rain. Monty missed a good ride!

View from the High Bridge 11-10-07
Honey smartly went home to spin since he had some "snizzle" leftover from a bad cold.
Blah blah blah, it wasnt too bad really. My feet got REALLY wet and I wasnt really that cold in my core but even Super leaders of the ride complained of cold feet, so i felt kinda happy that my feet werent frozen yet...usually those guys dont even wear booties.

Anyways we skipped to post ride coffee at DB to go home and shower and warm up.
All in all it was a good 2hours and now i need to drain and wash the bike.

The only thing that made the ride less than ideal other than the weather was that honey went home to spin. But he did what was best for him.
The guys said it was a ken woods 2006 ride. Since i had never heard of KW until 2007 I will take their word that i will prefer sun and 20 to rain and 35.
Last week's view from the high bridge.
I know it sounds crazy to ride in the rain but i dont go out in the rain intentionally and once you are wet you are wet. It is mostly about getting out. I can do a much harder workout indoors and somedays i will / and i do. But kinda like when i used to run in sub zero temps, it is more about the great outdoors. Something about that air and being long as the Reynauds in the hands and feet stays away i will keep at it. (oh yea and had to floss a bit as the pearly whites got some grime in them)
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S1 said...

KW was a rainy but warm race. I bet you're getting super fast riding with the GPers!