Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sunday Stroll
Sunday we got out for a nice roll. My sister Elizabeth joined us and we meandered through Mendota Heights and Eagan. It was a great day to be out..I was a bit overdressed but my theory is that i have never gotten injured from being a bit too warm.

Yep that is me in my Christmas tree tights!!
Here is honey taking self portraits.
Self protraits are hilarious, ezpecially when you are rolling along around 15 mph.
Sister rolling along...

So tuesday we got out again for a good long ride..3 hours ! Phew I hope we get another one of those but the urgency of weather/cold toes/cold fingers may mean the outdoor rides are kept short and fast. Cant do anything about it so lets just see what ma nature drops our way.

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Casey said...

We won't be moving in until the end of Dec, but when we do we'll have a party. Maybe you can show me some rides you like to do that start over that direction!