Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chicago continued....

this is Lulu. She is adoreable and even has a pink string to play with. My sister's cats have Pink String as well. The universal cat toy. Lulu's mom is Honey's daughter, so technically i guess Lulu is Honey's first grand child.
Honey continues to show us how to take self portraits that dont show your nasal/sinus passages since usually everyone holds the camera too low. Granted we had just walked miles in a blizzard to forage for food, with Honey singing holiday tunes the entire time, then walked home with my Iron Girl knapsack stuffed with food and bottles, so if we look a bit "wind blown," that is why.
But someone had to teach Emily how to make a cosmo and i wasnt going to leave her place till i was CONFIDENT she could do it on her own ....

Daughter-Father pic...nice smiles, arent they.
Hmm, lots of honky honky in the city. Although nothing like in NYC. Chicago is tame compared to the mess in the big apple.
I had to run fast to click this pic. I didnt want him to turn around and grab my camera like i was some crazed paparazzi, but it was a cool jacket. Not like i was in another country but i did tell Honey before we got on the plane that i was certain we would see the FED (no go, bummer) see someone from MN (this is close isnt it?) and we would see somebody from Dartmouth.

So, as we sat on the plane at Midway (delayed due to the weather in detroit) a nice older couple boarded and we exchanged seats so they could sit together. " Thanks so much" he said, "you dont know the day we have had, it has been a long long day. We were stranded out east. " I am thinking ("that is too bad, glad i am not out east.") He then calls to his friend up a few rows..."Jim we were in Manchester and the only carrier that would fly us out was Southwest, how about that!!" Now i am starting to get excited...knowing that Manchester is in New Hampshire and the only reason anyone goes to NH is to go to Dartmouth...Rich is starting to pretend to not be there. "So you were in NH ???" i say. "Yes we were at Dartmouth.." And there you have it..the rest of the story is as you would think. Their daughter was a class below me at Dartmouth, she was in my sorority (ok a story for another post, really, nice girls and we had a pong table and beer on tap)...enough said. The trip was complete.

Well not really, I still need some FED pics.

Thanks for reading.

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Lunatic Biker said...

Picture taken on Michigan Avenue near the river bridge makes me homesick.