Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dr. Seuss wishes you all a BIG GREEN HOLIDAY!

Tall Man has his long legged jeans on and his exclusive bah humbug shirt, that only cast get to wear. He had to go back to houston early this morning for his theatre production of " A Christmas Carol." He recited his lines for us at breakfast on Xmas day. He is great and having so much fun, which is all that really matters. Of course he said he wants to go to Dartmouth so that made my morning. ( And if you really think i care, i dont, it is just fun for me to pretend that i am having some sort of positive influence...or that they just like the clothes... on them before they even know what college is!)
The future generation of Big Green had a great Christmas at Granny and D'daddy's house.
Aunt Julia has started early in her brainwashing to subliminally plant the big green seeds. did you know that we ate Green Eggs and Ham on our freshman trips and that Theodore ("TED") Geisel is an ALUM? No, no green eggs for us on Christmas day. Just the yummy rolls i made and yellow eggs.

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