Monday, December 24, 2007

Donut Swim
Hard to do a donut ride at 11 degrees and with 5 in of new powder. It could be done but not by me. So instead the donut swim took place. For those of you that swim, at least with your head in the water and with a tiny bit of exertion, isnt it interesting how you get SO HUNGRY when you swim? Maybe bc your insides arent jostled around and you dont usually have the same type of exertion you do on a bike or on a run or on a tennis court.
The pool i swim at is really kept too hot, though, so sometimes i feel like i am going to vomit (sorry Strats) even if i am not swimming too hard.
MY favorite is the sugar raised. The maple is for my sister Elizabeth and the sprinkles are for chippy who is coming in from Houston today between his performances for the Houston Children's theatre's production of "The Christmas Carol." If his agent (my sister!) allows i will post some pics of him.

Super Sone, i thought of you and DC when i posted this:)

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S1 said...

Yuummmm!!!!!!! I like the close up shots, I'm still at work and shops are closed tomorrow. You should come by and feed me one :)