Saturday, March 01, 2008

4 weeks to go:

Honey is gearing up for the madeira canyon ride. I know he wants to get revenge on me and he is even taking his lighter bike so he can hold on over that last steep mile climb. I wont give up the title too easily, but if he deserves it, he gets it.
Our favorite Chicken must know we are coming back for more pics.
Do you ever notice how many random towns have plastic chickens? I have had to stop honey from pulling over bc i think one chicken pic is enough.
Looks like a city limit sign and a sprint, but actually it is just open road, no ice, no SALT and no fenders on a cross bike. Cant wait.

I know that steve tagged me but i just rode 4 hours outside and ate some good food so i need to pass out for a bit then i will get my seven tagged items on the screen. Here's to the open road!Even if it is windy like last year, today it was windy and one bank said 22 degrees. No wonder my feet were clubs at the end. And dont youwonder, those foot insert heaters that claim to be good for 5+++ HOURS!!! Seem to run out on me in under 2. Whatever. I hope the lady at the Kwik Mart in Rosemount appreciated me cleaning her floor as i sat on it, trying to swap warmers and get the guts to ride back home. We bought some stuff so i dont think she cared.



S1 said...

Gawd, you look stunning on your bike!!!!!

Steve Stenzel said...

HA! People in Rosemount tend to be good people, so I'm sure she didn't mind. Now, get to writing your tag!!!

SickBoy said...

ian hit madera while we were down there.... the winds kicked up & shifted on him during the ride. 70+ out of 100 miles into the wind and chased by wild turkeys. I was glad I did the "fat kid" version that day and turned back towards town at vail...