Monday, March 03, 2008

Tag I Am it...
I had to think about this one for a bit. I am still thinking. "I think anyone who cares knows all they care to know about me." Lets see if i can burst that bubble:)
1) I used to eat mayonaise (Hellmans real stuff) by the spoonful when i was a kid. Then i would wrap it up in olive loaf and eat it like a cannolli (spelling?) Obviously I have never had a real canolli, not to be mistaken for cannolonni. I dont eat much of that either.

2)I used to sleep with my tennis racket.

*** Steve, see this is really boring stuff. nothing too odd, really....

3)About the age of 10 I had my first and last (maybe??) brush with OCD. For a whole summer i wouldnt eat anything i had touched. I had to hold it in a napkin. I really thought i would be poisoned by something, I dont know what.

4)I thought Fondue was "Fon-too." What a fun food to eat. We had a Fon-too set and we each had our own fon-too fork. I wondered why there wasnt soy sauce and chowmein noodles to go with this asian delight.

5) We had our own language. ( Like i am sure other families did, maybe?) Funny thing is that we still talk in that speak. Well 3 of us do and my oldest sibling, well, she was adopted you know.
Lets test the reader, what do you think this phrase means. BTW this is an easy one.

" I forgot my baby-doot, I cant go to bim now."

I think i need to consult my siblings. I am sure they could be up to 20 tagged items by now. So stay tuned.

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