Sunday, April 06, 2008

How about a double day of climbing?
First climb was Mcgee ranch off Mission road...about 7 miles steady to this great view....I kept thinking there were rattle snakes in the bushes but luckily i was wrong.

Then it was time to haul on down across town to climb Madera Canyon. If you have never done this climb, make a point to do it if you are in the Tucson area. It is somewhat docile until the last 2 miles where all the sudden you are facing switchbacks and temps/climate more like Colorado.
You cant read that bench but it says "welcome to Madera Canyon."
I think SB felt a bit sideways after she got to the top. But not so sideways she didnt notice the bridge made in Alexandria, MN. Honey is all smiles as the team photographer, and as he and Paula reached the top all that was heard was "water? water? Julia go ride up there ( U turn around about another 100 feet UP)to see if there is any water." Of course being the people pleaser i am, i did. And there was none but the view was AMAZING!
Luckily the Gelato shop at the base fueled us enough to get us home where we lay on the floor and discussed heart rates and thankful we hadnt added another climb to the 78 mile day...Thus fufilling the Triple year??

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