Friday, April 25, 2008

A visit to THE lake.
For those of you that dont know what lake this is here are a few pics for you.
Granted these pics are from august, 2007 but it still, THE lake demands respect, ALWAYS.

This fella is my dad. When we were kids we used to get 1 cent (yep a penny) for every second we could stay in the lake. The rules were loose, but not just wading in there, i mean really IN the lake, body submerged. Your head could be out of the water. Of course you had to dunk your head bc a dry head was a sign of a "too bad you didnt quite do it," feeling.
My dad still goes down to THE lake, with his thermometer, his towel and the dog ( hoping she doesnt swim across the lake after the loons as she did one time), and takes his dunk. At 80 years young i think this is a succesful recipe for a long life ahead.

Since i have to do some racing this weekend i decided to make myself a lake.
Drop myself in and...
Dang, that is cold. I think it took me about 4 tries to really earn even a dollar in this one.

I had to get out a few times and then figured the key was to keep my toes out of the water. My teammates know my toes dont do well in winter, so I think the idea that they would be ok in an ice bath aka The LAKE, is silly. Oops. Luckily i had a nice warm board shirt on...And perhaps this will prepare me for the wind/rain and sleet i may have beating against my legs this weekend.

And for the record, when it is 80 degrees or 90 or even 100, I will say "Bring it."

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Steve Stenzel said...

I love when I've worked hard enough for an ice bath. Enjoy it!!