Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday ride to AFTON

Today Verve and a few others hammered it to Afton. It felt like a hammering to me, bc i was used to riding long 8-12 mile hills and the hills we hit today (other than out of Afton) were more like 200-400 yard pushers. Screaming at ya.

Yea this isnt us in downtown Afton but i just had to remember that riding with my head wrapped up, gloves and a jacket that make it hard to reach a gel or some sort of bar while riding, and wind burn will soon be history.
I hope. Sun is out so i cant complain too much and i unofficially retired my cross bike, so coulda been worse.

Afton ought to get a plastic chicken.
I suppose it wouldnt last thru the winter. Love that ride just hope next time the head wind we had that turned into a side wind and then a head wind again is a bit warmer.

Stopped at Ninas afterwards for the best espresso and foam a macchiato lover could want.

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