Sunday, June 15, 2008

NVGP TT and Mpls. Crit Pics:
Lotsa pics of people i dont know, and a few of the cones/barriers/road/police woman who was incredibly serious for whatever reason...but here are a few that actually show riders as opposed to their front wheel or back wheel.
ProMan rider had a flat back..could have served tea on that one.
One of a few non pimped out bikes.
"Hmm, glad I am not a pro."
Another Pro-Man rider.
Cool. One of the pics that did turn out is of Teresa.
Non pimped out bike number 2.
Angie and JT enjoying the mpls Crit. While there is business taking place next to them:

Big VERVE surprise. This is our new recruit talking over race schedules, lead outs and sponsors with Strats.


Steve Stenzel said...

I like the commentary...

S1 said...

Nice pics! I'll let T know of your site :) Hope the hematoma is healing, I heard you go down and it made me sad. I hope you're all right. :(

juliemac said...

sorry to hear you crashed. i hate that! hope you have a strong recovery and back at it! won't be at TNT this week, in Florida with family.....ocean swims and beach runs!
thanks for your supportive words. you are right about keeping those people around that give us positive energy and letting go of others.....