Sunday, June 08, 2008

STATE TT and BlackDOG:

First of all, thanks to Tim LaBerge and all the volunteers. Liz, Bernie, Eric P ( for not dropping me and really i had Redmond in sight most the ride, just couldnt get him), and Tim Brown, who without Tim i may have gone into traffic at the finish bc i couldnt slow down. Job well done. and to DKT and Hannah for lending me this: Sweet. I am saving my pennies as we speak. If i didnt have a Cappucino for a year ( and i dont buy that many, that would add up to $4 x 52 weeks = that covers about 1/5 of the wheel...hmm...still want to buy Cappucinos from June at Nina's.)
I digress....Steve Stenzel may have a unique fundraising view on this. I will wait to hear from him.

I am sure without that disc i would have finished way slower. I think it makes you faster bc you think you should be faster, plus it sounds cool.
AmyKline experienced her "welcome to the 40k...nice high hamstring tightness, huh?!!!"
She did awesome taking 3rd in the cat 4 women. She is a great competitor, so gracious and so positive in how she places and in how she approaches competition. I try to learn from her, and to not judge my "placement" but to take it for what it is: Doing the best i can possibly do on that day. Thanks Amy. Honey of course is the solid competitor that he is.
Did you know we had the EXACT same time for the 40k? Is that cool, or what!! I think that means something. And we started about 4 minutes apart so it wasnt like we were pacing each other.

Oh, how did fast man Parker get in here? This is the DOG last week. I think Bernie and i were trying to get some of his drinking water so we could acquire some of Fastman Parker's speed. Did we say PETER parker? He does fly, you know.

Here is my buddy Gordy. He had to juggle some babysitting duties and didnt even get a warm up. Told me he fell off his trainer trying to warm up, so all you folks that think Gordy is super human, remember he and Diane have to balance life as well, not just ride their bikes.

Me and Amy, with our hardware. I liked the stickers we got last year. But the medal is cool, too. I am going to give it to my mom. 2 years ago she had breast cancer and has had some trouble with her right ( dominant arm) arm/shoulder. She has been using her left arm ALOT. And the other day she got a booboo. I didnt know how bad the booboo was until my dad called to tell me she had a blue/green/yellow bruise on her left elbow just below the biceps and " a bulge, kinda like something is all massed up in there." Hmm..that sounds like a textbook proximal biceps tendon tear. So...she is a trooper and deserves a medal. I dont think they will re-attach it but she sees the ortho tommorrow. So state TT GOLD goes to Mom, Tenacious Trooper.
All SMILES! ( He knows DQ is on the way out of town....)The cool down after a 40k isnt as fun as the cool down after a 6.7 mile or a 11 mile TNT. IT hurts and you often spend more time riding around bc you are afraid to get off the bike, because you arent sure you CAN get off the bike.
Bernie sporting the Mello Velo T shirt. Next trip is to Mallorca. We may be there, depends. Trying to balance Mallorca, VERVE trip to AZ, College reunion, Masters nationals, a Cruise to Alaska, OMG this is 2009...can you believe it? I guess i forgot i have to work, too. Drat.

Thanks for reading.


Cy said...

Nice job Julia!! Agree that disk ranks high on the cool factor...we all need one of those negative drag toys :-)

See you at TNT tomorrow. I didn't get to race yesterday, so I'm ready to GO!!

Steve Stenzel said...

Great photos! NICE JOB!!! And what is this "unique fundraising view" that I might have for you?... I don't know what you're talking about.....


Steve Stenzel said...

Oh, that makes sense. But I WOULD keep the first set for me. If I got 2, second set would go to Pharmie. But 3 sets - THEN I would (probably) give one to you....

I introduced myself to Amy at the Y today. I told her that I've see her photos on your blog. She might look up my blog. I hope it won't scare her...

GoBigGreen said...

Amy will just giggle and turn pink!

juliemac said...

Missed you at TNT. It was fun and fast last night!
Catch ya at the next one!
Great job racing! Love that disc!!