Friday, June 27, 2008

TNTT (updated in typical fashion, about 72 hours later...)
But before i talk about the pics and the night, i have to go turn the TV down. Serena is grunting up a storm as she is going into a tiebreaker with Mauresmo. Maria is out so Serena has to make up for the grunting and shrieking we wont get from Maria.
And yes, FED is doing well. Ok so there was a TT on tuesday night. Here is GOGO post ride.
She did well that night, other than a chain skip up a hill (freaked me out for a second then i got back into rhythm) she was a good ride. Nobody caught her and she caught a few guys one right about 30 seconds from the finish.
Here is a reminder why i do TT's with less angst than Crits. Just a little RR, and no, you cant see the hematoma on my left saddlebag , even tho it has some pretty hues of purple, green, yellow, black, did i say purple? And i cant sleep on my left side yet and..well..cant run, so i am out of the triathlon this weekend. So did i say i liked TT's more?
Self portraits are getting a bit more centered.
First Light Boys.
More post race chatter going something like this:
" Well when we got so close to Gear West and DKT started to drop back i got nervous that we would have to ride mixed with their team. I didnt think that was right since GW sponsors the race." "Yea and when the Flanders girls saw us coming it was the same way, we sure thought it would be more polite to just let them go, and i am glad we did, otherwise we wouldnt be sharing the church lot with them after the race."
Timmer "I'll get the photo first while Linda and Julia are messing with their cameras."
I hope Shishilla didnt get a neck ache after that turn of the c spine. Or what did Linda call him?
Shisherellla? Shishshishsudio? Good to see John back speeding it up again sans issues.

Looks like Casper is doing the "Denny Tario" Staying Alive dance move.
And just a little reminder to me...when i am hard on myself and when i think i "coulda, shoulda, woulda" in a race or in training....
"Legs were dead, I had no air, It was windy, I didnt PR, I should have gone faster, I should have suffered more..." Ok dont pretend you dont say that to yourself at least once. Maybe not all the time. But racing our bikes, riding our bikes, getting out of bed in the morning TRUMPS Cancer.

I wont go on, just smile bc you love what you are doing, and if you dont love what you are doing on or off the bike, do something else and dont complain about it. Life is too short to not do what you love, and yea, for most of us, this is a hobby, right?

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FH50 start times are posted.. you go off at 8:25am